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Regimental Combat Team 19 - Recruiting

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Regimental Combat Team 19


Regimental Combat Team 19 is a Realism Unit for ArmA III and has completed its startup phase. RCT 19 utilizes various mods; ACE, RHS, TFR and so on. Our wiki page and forums are complete and we utilize TS3 for voice communications. We strive to provide a virtual simulation of the Marine Corps by utilizing real world Marine Corps organization and tactics.

While our organization closely simulates Marine units of the same type, the unit designators are fictional; 3rd Battalion 19th Marines, 5th Light Armored Reconnaissance, and HMLA-288. All logos, mottos and unit histories are works of fiction, created for our purposes. Future sections will follow this fictional design concept, but will be grounded in real world Marine structure. 

So if you are looking for an organization that simulates the Marine Corps in it’s organizational structure and utilizes Marine Corps documentation to create it’s training and readiness guidelines, come on over and take a look at RCT 19. You can find us at:

Web Page

TeamSpeak 3


Current billets:
0311 Rifleman, 0313 LAV Crewman, 0331 Machine Gunner, 0341 Mortar Man, 0351 Assaultman & 8404 Hospital Corpsman. 

 As we deal with mature subjects we only accept seventeen years of age with a waiver from existing members. 

Semper Fi,

RCT 19 Command

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