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adding music to existing server

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im looking for assistance to clarify a couple things pls.


im trying to get music added to the server so client can hear the music but not have to download a 50mb mission file.


So what i have done so far is I made a mod that they have to download and enable. 


in that mod i have:


@ambients enabled via -mod= as the client


and on server side also have this added.


in the mission file i have my cfgmusic class 


but a little unclear on if this is enough.


would this be the proper format to get the audio from the mod?


class intro4
name = "intro4";
sound[] = {"@ambients\addons\ambients\samples\IntroSong4.ogg", db+1,1}; 
within the mod 
the structure is as follows:
@ambients > addons > ambients.pbo
inside that pbo
ambients.pbo > config.cpp
and folder samples which has all the music
i have the prefix set up as ambients
in the mission file i already have the triggers setup
am i missing anything?

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If the mod is running on the server, then you won't need to define the music via CfgMusic. I can only recomment to compress the music file to a size of about 100kb. That will allow you to have dozens of titles within your mission.

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