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Bug Report - Keybinds missing - "Command" category not showing all keybinds

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Command entries "Command Forward", "Command Left", etc. are all missing in the keybind menu. They exist as keybinds but do not show up in the Command category as they apparently did in Arma 2. Players cannot rebind them to different keys / unbind them. When using the arrow keys as commander in a tank, they will always issue movement orders to the driver, regardless of intended functionality.



• Version: Arma 3 current Steam build 1.50.131969

• Options > Controls > Command

• Default keybinds are Left, Right, etc. arrow keys.



1) Bind a function to an arrow key.

2) It will show in red, referencing double-bind "Command [whatever]"

- If it shows a different double-bind, remove the conflicting bind and try again.



- Add those functions to the "Command" tab in Options > Controls to allow players to change the keybinds.

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