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I figured I should start posting small vids of upcoming RTS V , originally made by KaRRiLLioN in ofp, then later to arma1.. 

and now to arma3 with the magical scripting powers of  Zenophon

who is also working on his own project Zenophon's ArmA 3 Co-op Mission Framework,



well ill Keep it short for now , this vid is small example of RTS V fob with exploding barrels,

the fob is already destroyed do to I shot up a barrel and besides taking out the fob the barrel landed on my head and killed me, and of course I didn't get that on vid, and couldn't get it to happen again.  





more vids to come .. hopefully beta testing in a week or 2. 


I forgot to say barrels respawn, and they can also be loaded into vehicles , (I may think about adding droping them from unarmed air) B) 

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Hey, good job death jm! seems a pretty huge project, expect it!

I'm sorry I cannot give much help because I am currently busy in my life and most importantly, your required skill is out of me, :D. Nevertheless, hope you can solve those issue and let's see your work soon, :D

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