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BromA - Worldwide Semi-Realism Community - Recruiting! Info!

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Are you getting exhausted of hard-line milsim groups? Is Altis Life driving you insane? Do you just want to enjoy military combat in a relaxed environment? Then BromA is the place for you!



BromA is a veteran group founded in 2010 by a band of anonymous image board users which primarily used it for playing Arma 2. Over the years the group grew, broadened its demographic, and reshaped its playing experience to its current state, that being a seasoned group of skilled, but easy-going Arma 3 players.



The easiest way to describe BromA would be to call it a relaxed, easy-going community. The mod roster is broad and non-specific, the mission makers are focused on creating a fun and colorful array of operations with a wide variety of factions, the players have a casual, fraternal attitude to one another, but everyone attempts to remains organized during operations, allowing us to behave like a casual group, while putting the skills of a milsim group in practice during operations.



While there is a structure of Admins and Moderators, there is no coherent rank structure in-game. Groups are organized in the setup screen for each different operation. There are few bars of entry for anyone trying to change their role; Provided enough motivation and courage, yesterday's rifleman can be a tomorrow's platoon leader! Be sure, however, to listen to slotting recommendations/orders of the operation's leader.



Don't worry: in BromA we accept players of all backgrounds and competences, as long as their attitude is up to par; If players however need some help learning the game itself, we have semi-regular Training Sessions where newbies can learn the ropes in a very relaxed and casual environment - we believe that this is a game where the more you know, the more fun you can have.



The majority of missions and operations in BromA are COOP, though a certain amount of TVT and COTVT (where some players are enemies alongside the AI) are also present. They typically last 1-3 hours each. Sometimes longer missions are left running until the next session, or are split into longer campaign segments.

All of them are built on the Broma Mark 3 Mission Framework, an in-house dynamic framework which can be configured for creating any kind of a mission. As it is very easy to learn and master, anyone can request a folder of the framework and use it to create new missions for the group.



Missions are played on 20:00 GMT every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Though, depending on the amount of new missions, changes to the server, PWS breaking, mods breaking, and Arma 3 breaking, pre-determined schedules may change. Always track the Steam Group and the TS3 channel for further info.

Missions start after Pre-Ops, which are 30 minute to 1 hour sessions in a playground which give players time to try out equipment, mess around, and prepare for the incoming operation.

Mandatory attendance is not required. You can also get on the server outside of scheduled mission times and re-play or test missions.



Of course! The bar of entry is pretty low: Simply joining the TS3 server and the Arma 3 server upon game time is all that is needed. The correct attitude, however, is a must. It is expected from every newcomer to adapt to the language and behavior of BromA members, which may at times be acid, cynical and overtly banterous; But the spirit of friendship and camaraderie which surround the group makes it all worth it.



1. Arma 3. The DLC is entirely optional, but expect Tanoa to be mandatory upon release.

2. PlayWithSix. While it is regarded as bad and unreliable, it is the only current way of handling the BromA mod repo.

3. Broma Repo. Use the following link in your browser to acquire the mod list: pws://broma.co.uk\repo_a3\broma_a3.yml

4. TS3. All operational comms and player interaction is handled through TFAR.

5. Functional microphone. While talking is not mandatory, you cannot assume leadership roles without a microphone.

6. Time to attend any of the scheduled ops.

7. Being a good sport.



1. Micspamming only with moderation and common-sense.

2. Intended friendly fire and medical overdosing is not allowed.

3. Command mismanagement and incompetence is punished by being banned from assuming FTL, SL, PL, and specialist roles.

4. Hacking is not allowed.

5. Grudges and attacks on other players are to be settled with admins present outside of ops.




The following is a list where you can find BromA media, information, data, and game servers:


http://bro.ma - The BromA Website.

http://steamcommunity.com/groups/broma3- The BromA Steam Group Page.

bro.ma - Arma 3 Server IP - The entry password is "nofun"

bro.ma - Teamspeak 3 IP - The entry password is "allowed"

pws://broma.co.uk/repo_a3/broma_a3.yml - The PWS Mod Repo



Thank you for your attention. Be sure to check the group out and see new updates and content in this thread!

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BromA - November Update



The time between the original post and this group update an eventful one. We have made many changes and additions to the BromA experience over the course of this period, aiming to bring the best Arma can get to us. As such, I have provided a major news digest:


Latest Operations

BromA has completed over 30 operations, most of which were original and sub-platoon, over the course of September, October, and November. Some of our members even handled a news broadcast from Panthera in the midst of a Russian counter-attack on the army incursion into POW sites.

We have also conducted yet another successful Halloween special, featuring three operations over two days of special activities.


BromA Framework MK3 public release!

After a long and tiresome group effort, we have finally released our mission Framework for general use. With this iteration we're able to optimize the production process of quality operations, and bring that ability to you! Read more about it here.


Domain change

Due to minor organization issues, we are in the process of selecting a new domain name for the community. Currently we are utilizing "bro.ma" as our main address, but this is likely to change in the near future - stay tuned.


BromA Custom Pack

A custom mod pack with selected content, custom content, and alterations thereof, has been connected to our PWS preset. Its inclusion will allow us to add, fix, and alter content of the base game and the mods we use, allowing for a more streamlined process of dealing with mods. The initial release features vital modifications to the functionality of ACE3 Medical System, made by one of our members and contributors. In this short video, you can see an example of defibrillators insta-reviving injured soldiers.



We have many more things going on behind the scenes! Some which I'll only be able to elaborate upon in the next update. For now, if you'd like to know more, members and administrators are available at all times in the teamspeak channels, the steam chat, and during game time.


I'll conclude this update with a 15-minute video of one of our Halloween Operations, set in Southwest Panthera. The soldiers try to make a daring escape via air vehicles from the local army facility, but the situation takes an unexpected turn.



Thank you for your attention, and remember to switch to channel 50. BromA out.

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BromA - December Update



And what a month it was! Despite the oncoming holidays, we're still pushing on, making new missions and reshaping our state of affairs for the better.
Latest Operations
About 15 operations have been successfully conducted throughout December. Beyond the usual run of repeat missions, our boys have also made incredible successes in fighting throughout Takistan, Chernarus, and Duala. Of course, there were plenty of ups and downs, but nevertheless our leadership and our troops displayed their ability against numerous powerful forces throughout the world.
Woolsey, a member of the community, has also recently composed a clip video of notable situations throughout the Summer campaigns. While they have not covered the most current events, they display a neat retrospective into our operations prior to creating this thread. Needless to say, some mistakes were made.

A more recent video from one of our members, Nigel, records the events of  "UNwanted", a daring and difficult cooperation mission where a UN-CDF and a US Army element met together in Duala to evacuate a surrounded refugee camp. The CDF troops, surrounded by hundreds of Duala soldiers, bravely defended the refugees from a massacre with the use of clever defenses, directed mortar fire, and scouts until the US armor element reached them.  You can see the video of the mission here:

Mod Updates
There's plenty of paradigm shifts going on lately! We have successfully trimmed the fat from our preset, and reduced its size from 20,5GB to 18,5GB. Due to recent updates to some of our mods, expect that number to drop to around 17GB, and then some! We are not going to strip the community bare of content, however. Plans are being committed to integrate CUP into the pack, and we are proud to include Lingor Island, one of Arma 2's best maps, into the preset.
The Broma Custom Pack has also featured numerous new updates to its content. Broma Ace now has a properly integrated and functional ACE Medical component, designed to make the combat first aid a lot more believable and streamlined. Broma EM fixes some vital movement errors, and adds in updated mechanics that  allow players to be more flexible in the combat environment.
Bromanet, our own Twitter RSS Feed!
With the recent desire to include ourselves more in the Arma community, the administration agreed to assemble a quick news feed system rather than a sophisticated series of AARs that our players would publish. Do not worry, of course, we can still write one up whenever someone comes to it, but from now on, the bulk of notable data will be featured on the Bromanet Twitter Account @Broma_net. We already got some news flashes posted there! Give it a look.
Future operations?
Word on the streets is, there are major plans for our group to engage in a special holiday campaign. Whenever or not it is true that we shall conduct an Arma 2 coop campaign in Invasion 44 is yet to be confirmed, but I'd suggest for you guys to hold on tight and listen in for further information by following the steam group. It'll be a big event, no doubt.
Thank you for your attention, and remember to switch to channel 50. BromA out.



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