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EF-2000 community-based aircraft

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I'm finally finishing up the EF-2000 I've been working on for some time.  This has been a pet project of mine as I have always been fond of this plane since reading about it in magazines growing up, and spending many countless hours playing the EF-2000 game back in the '90's.  Ah memories!  :D


I started with a mesh and have built this up to what I feel is "mostly" ready for release.  It still has a few rough edges.  The original version (let's call it v1) is built around the RangeMaster pack, and assumes it is present.  When I say "original version", I mean that I intend to release the MLOD's for this so that we the community can share and share alike to make it better.  MLOD's release will be "sometime after v1 release" of the finished bird... likely 8 weeks or so, in order to address any glaring issues that may be discovered.  I would like to make this a community effort, so anyone who contributes and updates will benefit all who share in the effort.  Free is always good!  :D



A list of features for the bird:


 - Fully articulated surfaces, with accurately simulated computer-controlled articulation.  Also articulated intake rotors.  All of the surfaces of the real deal have a variable setting that provides the best performance based on lift, etc. and this is simulated via the speed animation of the model.  The faster you go, the intake cowling, wing control surfaces, engine nozzles, and afterburner flame length will vary.  A subtle but interesting effect!  :)


 - Textures based on real-life photos when available.  Overall texture is able to be texture swapped.  RVMAT's are currently not present for the main texture.  This should change in subsequent releases.  Real textures include intake rotors, exhaust/cowling areas, TRD boom door, cockpit views, weapon pylons, and high-detail decals.  Textures for the high-detail decals are overlays to allow for the high-res decals to be accurately displayed.  No "red smudge" where a decal should be... the actual decal is there and can be read!  :)


 - Front canards will rotate into the correct vertical "park" position on engine off.  This allows the pilot to climb out of the plane on the real bird :)


 - Wing pylons accurately configured with A-A and A-G pylons, underbelly and conformal A-A pylons.  Total of 18x brimstone A-G missiles (!!!) and full A-A missile complement can be carried, with attention to real world ordnance loads.


 - Working TRD (Towed Radar Decoy).  The TRD WORKS!!!  It simulates the real-life EW countermeasure by spawning an invisible target with a very high cost/threat/accuracy values that *might* fool incoming missiles.  Not a guarantee that the plane will be missile-proof!  :)  TRD Deploy lasts for 60 seconds.  There are 2x TRD deploy actions, so they must be used wisely.  The invisible target follows behind the plane, and is large enough that most incoming missiles should impact it and therefore should be prevented from damaging the aircraft.  "Should" being the operative word ;)  The TRD cable flops in the breeze!  It is very nice visual effect if I do say so myself!  :)  Since my SAM pack is combined in the RangeMaster download, the SA10, SA11, etc. missiles will surely be encountered.  The TRD decoy capability should greatly enhance survivability from any incoming missile threats such as these.  One observation is that the TRD invisible target decoy will de-sync from the aircraft if you fly off of the map's main coordinates.  Very noticeable on Utes, but on larger maps like Chernarus it should be less of a concern.  This is likely due to limitations of the modelToWorld command, that the script uses to locate the invisible decoy.  The TRD should be considered WIP and subject to improvement. 


 - Correctly located "green glow" night markers that are activated from the action menu.  This will allow group flights to fly close without need for the running lights.


 - New HUD configuration with "countdown" time-on-target references in both the circle piper and "ToT" displays.  MFD's display relevant information (pulled from the sample model MV22 MFD's).  HUD layout is based on real world information and should be pretty close.


 - HUD "X" pullup animation if downward pitch is < 60 degrees, or altitude is < 75.  NOT a script; it is literally a "dial" based on the animation sources, so it works pretty well.


 - Cockpit is WIP, but currently has warning lights for "master caution", fuel external tank siphon, fuel tank jettison, TRD deploy, incoming missile warning, and refuel boom status.  The cockpit warning lights need to be moved to their proper location; for now they are in the small center console.


 - Cockpit has new RWR alarm upon incoming missile launch, and also master caution illuminate!  The console will light up when a missile is coming your way!


 - New flare/chaff burst pattern.  2x burst default; secondary 8x burst option.  CTRL+R changes flare/chaff selection.


 - Fuel tank siphon capability.  This actually makes external fuel tanks useful!  The different tanks increase fuel capacity by a specific amount.  Dropping the tanks will result in a loss of a percentage of available fuel.  Cockpit has animated fuel siphon knob.


 - Animated nosecone for mission scenario eye candy.  The open nosecone reveals the radar assembly :)


 - Fully articulated cockpit, ladder, ladder door, and refuel boom!


 - Wreck model.  Damage / hit-points sections are modeled as well.


 - Fully articulated landing gear with working drogue chute.  The drogue chute is fully animated with random "flapping" and an animated chute door.  The chute flaps in the breeze and correctly slows the plane with extra braking capability.  Automatic deployment means no action-based brake requirements, and it only deploys in certain conditions (landing over 225 speeds).  Landing tire squeal and "smoke puffs" for added effect.


 - Working tow hook... the bird can land on carriers!  It can land and just barely take off from the LHD in game, surprisingly.


 - Sonic boom effect, based on the Lethal / Gnat script.  Sonic boom visuals *and* sound effect!  Set to about 850kph airspeed.


 - Random MP-synched numbering.  Clan logo on wings, fuselage, and tail.


 - Shell drop FX on cannon fire.


 - Pre-selected mission-based loadouts.  In-game loadout menu selection is being worked for a future release.


 - New Storm Shadow AGM model with textures based on real-life photos, which will be found in the RangeMaster missilebox pack.  Also a new LANTIRN model with its textures based on real life photos as well.


 - New in-game icon and image.  Also all factions and sides are represented in-game:  BAF, Germany, CDF, CDF-Independent, NAPA, Chedaki, UNO (CDF Nato Peacekeepers), and Taki AF.  This will allow for greatest flexibility for mission makers.


UMMM... what else?  Model is being optimized for longer distance view LOD's, and I am working to make the textures, RVMAT's, etc. all self-contained for easier import into Arma-3. 


Here is the link to the pics... it seems the latest OneDrive photo linking feature sometimes prevents the pics from proper display...




OK, here is an attempt to link some of the pics....




Link to a close-up detail of the decals:













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Ready for release!  Final additions:


 - Night collision lights will automatically turn on/off for AI depending on time of day. 


 - Bitching Betty!  Authentic sounds from F16... I don't know if there is a "euro" bitching betty?  If so that would likely be better.  She starts at alt 125 or lower, only when gear is up.


The version that is in the RangeMaster 3.2 w/o bitching betty is now "old"  :D


This is IMO the "official" v1 release... I know Egg is planning to make a small patch for RangeMaster end of this week, so I'll release it through there.  As stated previously, MLOD's will be released within 6-8 weeks to avoid any potential bugs going un-fixed.



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Note that the aforementioned embedded picture links aren't working.

Figures.  You have to be logged on to either Hotmail or onedirve to see them.  Oh well... just go up to the link.


And HERE'S THE MLOD's!!!!!




RAR file... hope to see some improved textures if anyone is handy with that!  I mean, sure it doesn't look BAD but then again it isn't the Mona Lisa we're painting here is it :)

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Further updates... v1.2... fixes to the drogue chute logic, adjusted 3D model for better script behavior, and fixed position of the landing touchdown smoke for tire skid marks.


I consider this version "feature complete" for A2.  Anything else, any bugs, etc. will be fixed in the A3 version.  And NO I don't know when that will be so don't ask.


v1.2 RAR file here... I don't have a v1.2 PBO yet... will upload that in the morning as it is getting late:






MODS:  Could you please add this to the Released addons category?  Thanks!  :)

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