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Working on ACE3 A3Wasteland on Lingor A3 with RHS

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I am working on porting ACE3 A3Wasteland to Lingor A3 which just released the beta on the 3rd of September 2015. I am in need of some assistance on some of the parts like adapting and converting missions to work on the map, Selecting the types of players to spawn, placing stores and other objects, and balancing the object spawns.


The mission currently has ACE3 and RHS on it so one of the things will be to tweak the prices and mission rewards as well as the weapon crate contents. Most of the RHS action keybinds would need to be disabled in preference to ACE3 keybinds.


I wanted to add an AI mod like GroupLink 5 to it but could not find enough documentation on how to implement it.


I have the ALiVE mod on the back burner as an ambient AI option for when server pop is low. But am open to options like UPSMON too.


I someone experienced with setting up ACRE2 or TFAR would like to help that would be appreciated.


All credit is given where credit is due. I have a dedicated, Dual Xeon server with 32GB of RAM available for the mission. If a radio mod can be setup properly, I will run a Digital Ocean Teamspeak server for it.


I already have most of the map markers placed and most of the ACE3 modules placed as well.


Many thanks to AgentRev of A3wasteland for releasing an ACE3 port of A3Wasteland.


I currently have an ACE3 A3Wasteland server running on that server and it has been up without a restart for over 170 hours now. Still going strong.



Here is the Github link to my Lingor Project

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