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I'm trying to set the paint job on some helicopters.


I tried using the Virtual Arsenal, but it doesn't seem to work for vehicles like it does for persons.

That is, when I export a persons loadout, it gives me something I can put into the init field so that that individual spawns with the load I specified.

But when I try to do the same thing with helicopters, it makes some kind of script that spawns a helo next to the player.

I need to be able to set the paint job for several different helos so that they are painted according to the side that they belong to.


To be specific, I'd like to make little birds that belong to the military side show up in the "digital" paintjob, and the geurilla little birds come in with the "ION" paint.


I'm no scripter by anyones interpretation, so please, keep it simple. Ideally, it should be something that I could put in the init field similar to how it's done for the troops.


Thanks in advance.

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this setObjectTexture [0, "path\to\skin"];

Texture path should be provided on export.

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Thanks folks.


Ranwer, this is what I get when I export vehicles from the Virtual Armory;


_veh = createVehicle ["C_Heli_Light_01_civil_F",position player,[],0,"NONE"];
        "AddCargoHook_COver", 0
] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle;


Can you tell me where the "Texture path" is in the text please.

And, is it possible to place actual coordinates where it says position player in the script above?



Larrow, after reading through a bit of the info in the wiki, I typed this into the init field of the placed unit:


     [this, "Digital", nil] call bis_fnc_initVehicle;


and it did work...to an extent...

It only works on the M-900. It doesn't do anything to the military helicopters.

...any suggestions as to how to include the armed vehicles (be nice...I'm fragile y'know)?


For any others looking to do this (for civilian helos anyway), you can substitute any of the following "colors" for the "Digital" I used in my example...


     Blue, BlueLine, Digital, Elliptical, Furious, Graywatcher, ION, Jeans, Light, Red, Shadow, Sheriff, Speedy, Sunset, Vrana, Wasp or Wave.

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