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RECRUITMENT!! Virtual USASOC (160th SOAR & 3rd Rangers Battalion)

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We are the Virtual United States Army Special Operations Command



We are a small group of dedicated Arma 3 players that are looking to expand our ranks with some fresh individuals who share our enthusiasm for having fun with this game. 
Virtual USASOC is a group that is passionate about conducting ourselves in a serious and professional manner during missions without subscribing to all the other detritus that many other milsim groups offer.
With us you won't be doing BCT and getting stuck as a rifleman when your calling is to provide expert aviation support. You won't be submitting a leave form for your family vacation. You won't be calling random internet personas 'Sir' either. You will play Arma the way it was meant to be played, fully immersing yourself in your role and when the mission is over, it is over. Once the mission ends we are like any casual gaming community, sharing cool ideas for new missions, mods and tweaks to how we perform missions.
If this sounds like a group for you, check out our forums at the link below and feel free to ask any other questions you have. When you are ready, hit the Recruitment tab at the time and get started.
The Virtual USASOC Gaming Community. The way Arma 3 was meant to be played.


Website: http://virtualusasoc.enjin.com/forum


POC: Gunfighter (160th SOAR), Gunfighter_160th@yahoo.com

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In the few short weeks we've been operating, VUSASOC's membership has exploded. We've increased our numbers by more than 400% and are continuing to grow every day. We operate our server 24/7 and keep our mods up to date so that all the members can get on when they please and conduct unscheduled missions with any other members online.


We are gearing up for a major weekly operation, 1-2 training missions as well as a rotating Insurgency/Battlezone map for the times in-between for members to tackle. The best part? Attendance isn't required because this is a game and your real life comes first. If you get some downtime why not come and check us out?


VUSASOC. The way Arma was meant to be played. Why exactly haven't you joined us yet?

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