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Hey Guys

I got a little project i was thinking about for a while and now i finally made it real.

A Glider :D


The new DG1001M. A Two Seater Glider from the German Manufacturer DG Flugzeugbau.

The DG1001 is a nice looking and nice flying Glider for long routes. Because of the my love to Gliders and the fact that i fly them myself i decided that it is time that ArmA finally gets one of these nice looking planes.


This is how it should look like if it is finished:



And this is how it looks right now:



So you see an very early WIP :D


PS.: I still search someone with Blender/Scripting Skills to put this thing in the game so if anyone is interessted just pn me :D  Have a nice day!

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Awesome! I've been waiting for a Sailplane mod for ArmA 3 since it was in early Alpha  :) I fly them in real (unfortunately not the DG1001) but I hope that the flight model is going to be something like the F16 Standalone or F14 because if I try to fly a turn with one of ArmAs standard planes I'm in a side slip instantly. Everyone who has flown a real plane knows what I'm talking about ;) It's probably the most annoying thing to me in the entire game (at least when flying a plane in game).


Sorry for my English. I'm not a native speaker  ;)


I hope there will be some kind of thermals added too  :)

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