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this mission requires  Zombies & Demons by ryandombrowsky and his team



Now too in workshop.


Credits to ryandombrowsky and his team for their zombies.





Long Night II CO-06


After events in Long Night I


You are the captain of Selakano Police, you and your mates Stayed on selakano waiting for Alpha team to come back to pick u up... that didn't happen, now you  try to survive on a zombie infested Altis and try to find a way to escape.


At start you must survive an zombie assault on the police station, so be prepared.


This mission is  hard so be ready, you are a cop not superman, and there are many...many zombies.


better on coop.


This mission may get low fps at start dont worry. it get better as you advance.




-8 objetives-3 optionals


-Radio chat (no voice)


-There is respawn on team leader and then after task 2 you can place a spawn sleeping bag on your base.


-Anyone who dies become a zombie even your teammates (AI).


-Features an infested Altis, cities Pop zombies out (in numbers of 20/50) when you get close and dissapear when you exit city range (better fps). Thx to a modified Civilian Occupation System (COS) by BangaBob.


-Vehicles spawn on cities.


-Features full logistic system (you can load ammoboxes and objects on vehicles)


-Features a build system that let you build a base.

 -this build system is divided in 3 stages, you need to find 3 workbenches and bring them to your base, one better than the last for build extra objects & vehicles.


-Features a resource system that makes you need to find resources to build your base and vehicles, you get resources for completing tasks too.


-All important places marked for you to know where to find gear & resources (there can be or maybe not).


-Events on some places where gear & resources are like zombie hordes.


-Deletion of bodies for improve FPS.







THX TO R3F logistics.



know issues:

-Little lag when start, all systems must activate and others events.

-The friendly Ai sometimes kill each other or you because of cross fire.

-Dedicated servers: 

Loding of tasks and zombies will take a minute or more depending on player count.


 waiting feedback


Changelog: Update 3



Better performance and caching system, i hope it works better now xd







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