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Bypass a trigger for a predefined player

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i'm looking to configure correctly a trigger that doesn't fire if predefined player is present


unit I_officer_F is the one that has to bypass the trigger, but all other team has to fire the trigger


my trigger:


Type : nothing

Activation: nothing


Condition Field : this && player in thisList && typeOf player != "I_officer_F"


OnAct field : {_x Setdammage 1} Foreach thislist;


what is the correct condition code pls ?


cause the trigger doesn't work nothing happens to any player.


i also tried to sync players whith to the trigger, they are the ones that has to fire it, but nothing happens.


thanks in advance

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a tried a lof of different settings, and read a lot on the web, but can not find a solution to this very simple i think piece of code i miss.


i have two unit classes i have to exempt them from firing a trigger, but any other units must fire the trigger.


Its a vip safe zone, only vip units can enter and stay in zone without being killed, all other players must die on entering the vip zone (players are on the same side).


its a multiplayer game mission with 2 factions, and every faction has also vip players who respawn at their own vip base, that vip base must kill all other units that enter it.


please someone help me i'm stuck the mission cannot be finished with this problem !

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I also tried restriction module, it works, but not on dedicated server. worked only when i host on local computer, on dedicated nothing happens the module doesn't work


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