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a way to save dedicated game to sqf or so?

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i have a question for my community about saving dedicated multiplayer games.


We are playing serious RP and we thought it might be a nice idea to build any base and outpost by hand ingame with sandbags and concrete stuff, but how could we save it for usage the other week?

So is there a way to export the placed objects in something like an sqf so we can reload it the other day?

the idea would be we start our mission in altis, when we finish altis we pack our base in several ships and move to chernanus, in chernarus is a big military conflict, we would have to look out for a good place for our base and then we can start building our base.

but sometimes there are days nobody plays (due work or study) and sometimes the server is updated with new mods, so how we don´t lose our base?




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Can be done, you would need to learn tons of scripting to get a grasp of it. You would need to create a script that detects the user-placed object, store them to a database, and another script to load those objects at mission startup. It's messy and prone to bugs, but yeah, could be done.

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