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Arma 3 Samples and licensed data packages, important update

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In SITREP #00118, we shared our decision to distribute the samples through a new Steam application, available for free – Now it's time for action.
The Samples library keeps growing! Since some people want to access either just the samples or the tools, they're now available via the new Steam Application: Arma 3 Samples. Arma 3 owners will find it directly in their Steam library (Filter: Tools), whereas others will need to first subscribe (for free) through the Steam store.
Both the Tools and the Samples will be governed by the same system of branches, development and main.
A noticeable change for everyone who doesn't own Arma 3, these application may no longer be added automatically to your library. To use them, you may need to go on the Steam Store page and install them.
Another upcoming change is the removal of the licensed data packages from the Arma 3 Tools, which was a gigantic branch including data from our previous games. If you are using this branch, we recommend you to move all the data to a new location outside the application directory (to avoid having to re-download). These packages will and are still available via our web page (direct download or torrent)
In summary, what’s going to change?

  • The samples directory included in Arma 3 Tools is no longer maintained, effective immediately.
  • These samples will be removed very soon from the development branch (first half of September) and will be removed from the main branch with the next update.
  • The samples (Samples_F) are going to be removed from the Tools.
  • The structure of the samples has been reworked and sorted in categories, to be more flexible and user-friendly.
  • The Licensed Data Packages branch will be disabled with the next update (subscribers will automatically switched to the main branch).

Now you’re briefed on what’s going on, how to smoothly handle this transition?

  • If you were doing experiments in the samples: (= you have edited files in the samples folder)
    We urge you to move the samples to another location before we remove them from the tools folder. Otherwise, you may lose all of your modifications.
  • If you were just consulting the samples:
    As mentioned above, the samples are going to be removed from the Tools, so, if you want to keep consulting the samples, you will need to install Arma 3 Samples from Steam.
  • If you were not using them at all:
    Obviously, nothing changes here, except the disk space used by the tools (which will decrease).

Arma 3 Tools on the Steam Store
Arma 3 Samples on the Steam Store

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The samples will be removed from the development branch of Arma3 Tools tomorrow! In case you edited some data in the folder Samples_F, I urge you to make a backup to be sure not to lose any data you added.

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