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{WIP} A3L Server. Need Modder/Developer/Scripters

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Hello My name is John and we have been working on a Arma 3 Life Server. We have our own Server Box for the Game server. The Teamspeak is a NPL 512 slot, and 40+ people trying to help. The thing is, they are all what i call  (Google Devlopers) besides one gentlemen. But work is an overload on him and we are requesting some experienced help. No matter what your talent is in the scripting/modding world, we will most defiantly take a look at you. When we get up and running you will be rewarded for the amount of help/work you put into the community.


Serious Inquires only please.

18+ is required  

                                                                               Email John:     3rdsfo@gmail.com



Map is already up, Most things work properly, they just need help on the pile of work left to do.

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