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I would like to present my attempt to make RTS style mission in Arma.



Your mission is to capture all flags. Player with least captured flags will start loosing his mission points. Player with 0 mission points will loose battle. You also loose mission points for loosing soldiers and vehicles.



Every player starts with same amount of reinforcements points (RP), which are used to call your units to battle. RPs are incerased over time. You receive more RPs towards end of battle to allow calling in more expensive units.



Use WSAD to move camera.

MMB or CTRL+LMB to rotate camera.

LMB to select units and RMB to give movement orders.


Future features

- Map selection

- More game mode options

- More complex objectives

- Better AI

- Improved FOW

- Multiplayer







You can get sources at github: https://github.com/SkaceKamen/arma-rts-skirmish

(you can also post issues and suggestings there)



armarts1jpg armarts2jpg armarts3jpg armarts4jpg armarts5jpg armarts6jpg armarts7jpg

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I've tested your mission. Great idea... i like your approach.

Ui is neat and has a good usability. Pushes me back to good old times with Command & Conquer.

BUT..... the performance is really bad. I've spawned 3 squads, a Hunter and a Tank. After i met some enemy units my frame-rate drops down to 10-18 fps. (Usually i play between 35 and 50 fps with a visual sight range between 2000-5500m)

Improve the performance (maybe some kind of caching), add some base-building and a multiplayer mode.... THEN every C&C nerd should be really happy with your mission.

Thumbs up. :)

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You may try to run the mission without the FOW, which could be cause of your performance issues. Problem is, when I hide a unit, it is invisible for both player and AI, so it isn't possible to use knowsAbout method, so I have to manually check for distance and visibility for each soldier. I know this is problem, but so far I haven't found suitable solution.


As of base-building, it is possible, I gave it thoughts, and maybe, when I will have enought time on my hands, I will try to make C&C in arma.


Thanks for your opinion  :)

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