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Hooking the minefield sites module.

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Is there a way to put a trigger around the minefield sites module that will detect when all of the mines have been defused? I am building a mission on Zargabad and this will involve disarming mines scattered around the city. Is this possible, or should I just use mineactive() and lay the mines by hand? I am thinking this could work if you could detect all the mines inside a trigger and then activate when they are all deactivated. But this would make the mission easier if this could be done.


I have this code in a trigger.

{["mine_", str(_x)] call BIS_fnc_inString} count (thisTrigger nearObjects 10) > 1;

But this will not fire once I have disarmed and removed the mines. I am using ACE3 and Alive.


Thank you.


#EDIT, realized my mistake, probably should be.

{["mine_", str(_x)] call BIS_fnc_inString} count (thisTrigger nearObjects 10) < 1;

;). This works. Put this in a trigger surrounding the minefield and this triggers when they are all disarmed. Should be very useful to someone else in my situation.

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