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Config for Cargo Turret FFV inside and at top

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Hello Guys,


I need ur help with config of Cargo Turret (FFV).


I want 2 Position where the Cargo can shoot from:




What i alrdy got is shooting from siting position:

class Turrets
	class CargoTurret_Base01: CargoTurret /// position for Firing from Vehicles
		gunnerGetInAction = "GetInLOW";     // <-- animation for entry in the turret
		gunnerGetOutAction = "GetOutLOW";
		gunnerAction = "vehicle_turnout_1"; //passenger_bench_1// generic animation for sitting inside with rifle ready
		gunnerCompartments = "Compartment2"; /// gunner is not able to switch seat
		memoryPointsGetInGunner = "pos cargo"; /// specific memory points to allow choice of position
		memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "pos cargo dir"; /// direction of get in action
		gunnerName = "TEST 1";	/// name of the position in the Action menu
		proxyIndex = 4;	/// what cargo proxy is used according to index in the model
		maxElev = 15; /// what is the highest possible elevation of the turret
		minElev = -42; /// what is the lowest possible elevation of the turret
		maxTurn = 20; /// what is the left-most possible turn of the turret
		minTurn = -95; /// what is the right-most possible turn of the turret
		isPersonTurret = 1; /// enables firing from vehicle functionality
		ejectDeadGunner = 0; /// seatbelts included
		enabledByAnimationSource = ""; /// doesn't work unless the said animation source is 1
		gunnerInAction = "passenger_inside_1";///Your sitting animation inside cargo(can be a FFV animation)
		startEngine = 0;
		commanding = -1;
		outGunnerMayFire = 1;
		inGunnerMayFire = 0;
		animationSourceHatch = "hatchLoader"; /// when you turn out the hatch opens/closes as well
		forceHideGunner = 1;

I tried to get him up with:


gunnerAction = "vehicle_turnout_1;

gunnerInAction = "passenger_inside_1";

animationSourceHatch = "hatchLoader";


but it doesnt worked


May a important Info (or not ^^):

"hatchLoader" is alrdy open before i get into the vehicle ... idk why :D


Thanks for Helping me and sry for my English

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question : is this like a HMW with a guy in the 50mm turret hatch, or more like a APC and the guy is usually sitting down, but you are making him stand up through a hatch (so that he can fire)


possibly if there is an addon like this, you can share it so we can get a better picture of what you want. also could ask them specifically what they did (share some code) to make it work properly, most people are happy to share ideas n code, especially when its for the community!

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i create a German BW Fuchs it have 2 hatches on the top u can open them -> Stand Up and shoot with ur own rifle or mounted mg3:

Here is a Picture  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e4/German_UN_Soldiers_during_UNOSOM_II_1993.jpg


But u normaly sit inside


next thing is i want shoot if im siting inside too, because u can open the doors on the back.



So u have 3 postions:

  1. Sitting inside
  2. Stand and shoot out from Hatch
  3. Sitting inside and shoot out from the Doors

My first Problem at all is (i dont know if its a bug):


gunnerAction = "vehicle_turnout_1"; // Gunner animation if he want shoot or is rdy to shoot

gunnerInAction = "passenger_inside_1"; // Gunner if he is inside the vehicle


my gunner is always in the animation "gunnerAction" ("vehicle_turnout_1")

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you may need to add a script to it such as like a useraction - you scroll and click (turn in) then it runs passengerinAction through that script


or you can make gunneraction the Passenger_inside_1


and the script for user action - "Turn out" - which runs the gunnerinaction = "vehicle_turnout_1"


is there any addon youve seen that does waht you want to be done to yours?



possibility i used on a c-130

class UserActions
			class OpenRamp
				displayName = "Open Ramp";
				position = "pos_gunner";
				onlyforplayer = 1;
				radius = 6;
				condition = "(this animationPhase ""ramp_bottom"" == 0) AND Alive(this)";
				statement = "this animate [""ramp_bottom"",1];this animate [""ramp_top"",1];";

But make this option to players / units in the 2 back seats


just an idea

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Thats a good idea with the UserAction but im not sure if u can change the animation of a player in a vehicle i have to test it :D


And No i havent seen an Addon that have done this alrdy :/


Thx for ur Idea will try it

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Np! I hope it works, i have seen this done with a few vehicles for lets say - opening and closing a ramp as i shown, but no idea why it shouldnt work for a persons animation

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