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Helicopter Cargo Get Out random left or right?

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Hey everyone,


i was just wondering why when you get out off a helicopter (UH80) cargo seat you are put on either side randomly.


Also are there position selections used for the get out action on helicopters to set the person on that spot.


I ask this because it would be nice to be able to get out either left or right with 2 action menu commands.


I got this to work with addaction entries on the helicopter however i had to disable collision with the helicopter otherwise i couldnt position the person close to the door of the helicopter.


So i was just wondering when i press the get out action what that action uses to set the person on either side of the helicopter and why it is random.


I would like to add a get out right and left action via : class UserActions. But not use a comprehensive script that has to disable collision and rather use a point (if there is one) that the get out action uses.


Thank you very much for helping me out.




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