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2 PARA Milsim || 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment

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Consider the 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment.


2 PARA is a British Milsim unit, with roots dating to 2012 and a multinational group of dedicated and commited players. Here at 2 PARA we use equipment, weaponry, vehicles and a structure based closely on the British Army's Parachute Regiment and 16 Air Assault Brigade.



At 2 PARA we use a set of mods to enhance the realism and immersion of the game as well as bring in equipment, weapons and vehicles that allow us to accurately portray the British Armed Forces.

Our main mods are the following:

- ACE3 

- Task Force Radio


- 3CB BAF Equipment, Weapons and Vehicles



2 PARA features a slick balance between training and missions. We organize our time into Home Rotations and Deployments. The Home Rotation focusing on training and practice while the Deployments focus on immersive, developed campaigns based on realistic story-based missions.

The duration for a Home Rotation is approximately 2-4 weeks and 4-8 weeks for a Deployment.



2 PARA features a wide range of roles for new recruits to fill, and proper training to fit new recruits into those roles.

As a friendly and welcoming community, we ensure that all new recruits are part of the group and have fun both in and out of our events.

For information on requirements and recruitment for 2 PARA, you can view the website or join our teamspeak.

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