RC testing of Update 1.78 has started concluded.
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update178RC
Arma 3: ~7.4 GB / Arma 3 Server ~1.1 GB (depends on Apex ownership)   Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):   Added: Tac-Ops Mission Pack* Added: 3 Singleplayer Military Operations Beyond Hope*  Stepping Stone* Steel Pegasus* Added: HoldKey Function Added: Basic Civilian Behavior module Added: Animated Briefing Framework Added: Official Soundtrack Added: Achievements Added: Gendarmerie Van liveries** Added: Basic Helmet (Black)** Added: Live orchestra recordings (Flashpoint, Malden) available in game for scenario designers Tweaked: Apex Expansion data are now decrypted and downloaded to all users (Content Licensing applies) Tweaked: BattlEye traffic moved to a separate game port (2306) Added: Picture-in-Picture occluders Tweaked: PhysX libraries were updated Tweaked: Driving of tracked vehicles was overhauled Fixed: Particle rendering was behaving incorrectly Added: Script error warnings for enumerated values   * Content requires ownership of Arma 3 Tac-Ops Mission Pack.
** Restrictions apply to those who don't own Arma 3 Laws of War DLC.   Updates  
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