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Release Candidate Branch Announcements

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RC testing of a hotfix to update 1.96 has wrapped up - cheers!

Steam branch access code: Arma3Hotfix196

Arma 3: ~60.7 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~17.9 MB


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog)



07-11-2019 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Active camouflage on Box Trucks (broken distant LOD)
  • Fixed: BattlEye -bepath parameter parsing (spaces)
  • Added: Contact music tracks can be played by Zeus

12-11-2019 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Issues connected to V2 addon signatures
  • Fixed: Script compilation memory handling restored to its prior state


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RC testing of update 1.98 has ended - thanks for the reports!
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update198RC
Arma 3: ~2.7 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~1.1 GB


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):

  • Added: "Old Man" open-world singleplayer scenario* (unsubscribe or disable the Workshop mod ⚠️)
  • Added: Static M2 (low / raised), with optional ballistic shield and collimator sight
  • Added: Updated to PhysX 4.1.1

* Content requires ownership of Arma 3 Apex expansion



12-03-2020 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Various "Old Man" issues
  • Fixed: Various localization issues and improvements
  • Changed: Red Beret moved to the platform data

20-03-2020 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Issues with despawning "Old Man" open world content leading to potential performance degradation
  • Fixed: Various "Old Man" issues
  • Fixed: Many "Old Man" localization issues
  • Fixed: Shadows on CSAT APR masks - FT-T149715

26-03-2020 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Various "Old Man" localization issues

31-03-2020 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Ability to equip vehicle weapons as a player (has been disabled)
  • Fixed: Various potential exploit vectors
  • Fixed: Various "Old Man" issues
  • Fixed: Various "Old Man" localization issues

09-04-2020 (notable changes)

  • Added: BattlEye anti-cheat update
  • Fixed: Various "Old Man" issues
  • Fixed: Various "Old Man" localization issues


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RC testing of a hotfix for 1.98 has started finished - cheers!
Steam branch access code: Arma3Hotfix198
Arma 3: ~66 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~37 MB


Known Issue: there is an issue loading some UI colors from profiles. This results in black task titles for example. Try to avoid changing your UI colors in the game options in this version, otherwise you may have to reset them in the next update.


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):

  • Fixed: Severe cases of multiplayer vehicle desync after the recent update (thanks for your testing of various solutions)
  • Fixed: Zeus server CTD
  • Fixed: The APERS Mine Dispenser and Training Mine could not be placed onto the ground anymore - FT-T150289 / FT-T150529
  • Fixed: Virtual Arsenal entities did not display certain damaged body regions anymore - FT-T150350
  • Fixed: Various new M2 static HMG backpacks would disassemble into the wrong variants - FT-T150335
  • Fixed: arsenalRestrictedItems[] did not check for weapons
  • Fixed: Incorrectly referenced string in the Old Man Welcome Screen
  • Tweaked: "Old Man" saves could grow massively and should now do so less (we hope to also provide an experimental fix to those with broken saves in another branch)



28-04-2020 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: UI colors were not correctly read from user profiles and configs


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RC testing of update 2️⃣.0️⃣0️⃣ has commenced ended - thanks for the feedback!
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update200RC
Arma 3: ~1.7 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~560 MB


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):

  • Added: "CoF: Gray" Firing Drill
  • Added: Black P07
  • Added: CTRG-13 insignia
  • Added: Arid CTRG Stealth Uniforms*
  • Added: Arid CTRG Stealth Combat Helmet*
  • Added: Various (pop-up) target pictures
  • Added: "Eau de Combat" Aftershave (bottle / boxed)
  • Added: Publishing / subscribing Eden Editor custom compositions to / from Steam Workshop
  • Added: Many new script commands
  • Added: 64-bit Linux Dedicated Server
  • Added: 3 new Steam Achievements
  • Tweaked: Eden Editor compositions are now placed in a new layer (this behavior can be switched off via the preferences)

* Restrictions apply for those who don't own Arma 3 Apex expansion.



30-09-2020 (notable changes)

  • Tweaked: Keystone has made improvements and additions to his Fortress of Fun in "CoF: Gray"
  • Fixed: Extreme weapon sway when stamina was fully disabled
  • Fixed: Broken multiplayer chat

08-10-2020 (notable changes)

  • Added: 3 new Steam Achievements
  • Tweaked: Keystone enhanced the 2.00 celebration in his Fortress of Fun
  • Fixed: Signature verification errors on various addons in the server package
  • Fixed: The HandleChatMessage Event Handler did not work as expected


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RC testing of update 2.02 has begun finished - thanks everyone!
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update202RC
Arma 3: ~1.5 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~220 MB


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog - see Dev-Branch for more details)

  • Added: Art of War DLC (feedback and more info)
  • Added: 2 Showcases*
  • Added: Formal Suits*
  • Added: Parade Uniforms*
  • Added: Parade Caps*
  • Added: Civilian Backpacks*
  • Added: Art T-Shirts
  • Added: Art Gallery Objects
  • Added: Memorial Objects
  • Added: 8 Steam Achievements
  • Tweaked: Better gunner animations for various vehicles (f.e. helicopter doorgunners)
  • Added: Improved support for Challenges (Firing Drills / Time Trials) via Steam Workshop
  • Added: setObjectScale (technical restrictions apply; scale responsibly)
  • Added: attachTo optional bone rotation
  • Added: HashMap for scripting

* Restrictions apply to those who don't own Arma 3 Art of War DLC.



11-02-2021 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Formal Suit and Parade Uniform shoe soles were red
  • Fixed: Distorted animations on Formal Suit (T-shirt) when the character was holding a weapon - FT-T156633
  • Tweaked: The announcer and visitor voice over post-processing in Showcase Art of War

  • Added: Art of War contest details to Lars Blanken Gallery labels, citing winner placement, commended entries, and screenshot category winners

  • Tweaked: Lars Blanken Gallery's curator agreed with an artist to swap one work for another of theirs

  • Tweaked: Improved skinning on Civilian Backpack

19-02-2021 (notable changes)

These were mostly smaller or cosmetic fixes and tweaks.

  • Fixed: Issue progressing in Showcase Zeus


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RC testing of update 2.04 has kicked off concluded - cheers!
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update204RC
Arma 3: ~882 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~102 MB


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog)

  • Added: Platform support for Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire (actual DLC content is not part of this update)
  • Added: Support for precompiled SQF Bytecode (vanilla data is not currently precompiled, so this is initially to benefit mods)
  • Added: Ability to configure audio output device via the options
  • Added: Audio option to configure the volume reduction on the map screen while inside vehicles
  • Tweaked: Steam client libraries were updated to the latest version (to support recent opt-in security enhancements for server admins)

  • Fixed: Launcher was not listing the official servers



20-04-2021 (notable changes)

  • Added: Translations for new audio options and other new strings
  • Fixed: Potential server CTD


  • Fixed: kbTell messages not always showing subtitles for multiplayer clients - FT-T157946 (thanks Xeno!)


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RC testing of update 2.06 has commenced ended - thank you!

Steam branch access code: Arma3Update206RC
Arma 3: ~1 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~212.9 MB


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog)

  • Added: Modded keybinding
  • Added: Eden Editor compositions (local and Steam Workshop) can now be used in Zeus
  • Added: Loading more object types in Vehicle-in-Vehicle cargo in Eden Editor
  • Added: Weapon flashlight cones
  • Added: Picture-in-Picture visibility range option
  • Added: More options for IR light sources (for use by mods - not applied to vanilla assets)
  • Added: Scripted support for vehicle speed limiters / cruise control / towing (for use by mods - not as vanilla game mechanics)
  • Added: Many useful script commands and Event Handlers



27-08-2021 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Various issues with number plate handling
  • Fixed: Various issues related to Zeus and compositions
  • Fixed: Various issues related to Vehicle-in-Vehicle cargo


03-09-2021 (notable changes)

  • Added: Translations of new (mostly UI) texts
  • Fixed: Issue launching on Windows 7


20-09-2021 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: "Apex Protocol" would not continue to the next mission automatically in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Some static weapons could not be assembled


27-09-2021 (notable changes)

  • Reverted: Changes to the Civilian Presence module back to 2.04 state


01-10-2021 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Game freeze when changing Picture-in-Picture settings in combination with a IGUI drone feed


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