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Release Candidate Branch Announcements

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RC testing of a hotfix to update 1.96 has wrapped up - cheers!

Steam branch access code: Arma3Hotfix196

Arma 3: ~60.7 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~17.9 MB


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog)



07-11-2019 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Active camouflage on Box Trucks (broken distant LOD)
  • Fixed: BattlEye -bepath parameter parsing (spaces)
  • Added: Contact music tracks can be played by Zeus

12-11-2019 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Issues connected to V2 addon signatures
  • Fixed: Script compilation memory handling restored to its prior state


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RC testing of update 1.98 has commenced.
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update198RC
Arma 3: ~2.7 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~1.1 GB


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):

  • Added: "Old Man" open-world singleplayer scenario* (unsubscribe or disable the Workshop mod ⚠️)
  • Added: Static M2 (low / raised), with optional ballistic shield and collimator sight
  • Added: Updated to PhysX 4.1.1

* Content requires ownership of Arma 3 Apex expansion



12-03-2020 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Various "Old Man" issues
  • Fixed: Various localization issues and improvements
  • Changed: Red Beret moved to the platform data

20-03-2020 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Issues with despawning "Old Man" open world content leading to potential performance degradation
  • Fixed: Various "Old Man" issues
  • Fixed: Many "Old Man" localization issues
  • Fixed: Shadows on CSAT APR masks - FT-T149715

26-03-2020 (notable changes)

  • Fixed: Various "Old Man" localization issues


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