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Kangaro0's Release Thread

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Release thread of random stuff made for ArmA III over the years. More stuff will be added slowly.
ArmA Life RPG Mission Framework (Unfinished)
Authors: DEADdem, Kunta Knite and Kangaro0
Kangaro0 Markers
Map markers made for 'roleplay servers', including shops, factories, farming locations, mines, drug locations etc.
Download here.
Kangaro0 Civilian Uniforms
36 generic plain polos with jeans, black trousers and khaki trousers. 
Download here.
Kangaro0 Police Pack
Authors: DEADdem and Kangaro0
To load interiors animate ["unfuck_0999_0666",1]
Police Tahoe (Features Volumetric Light-bars)
Police Ford Fusion (Features Volumetric Light-bars)
Police Uniforms with rankings (Australian uniforms designed by Kenny).
Cars coming soon:
Police Dodge Charger 2015 (WIP)
Police Dodge Charger 2012 (WIP)
Jeep Grand Cherokee (WIP)
Download here.
Download source files here.

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49 minutes ago, Jason Sigma said:

Can you please reupload this?

Yes! Would be great!

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