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We follow a condensed version of the standard pilot training pipeline to fit the purposes of ARMA 3. All students begin their training in the T-6A Texan II to gain the muscle memory of sensitive controls, learning ways to communicate of radios, and understanding the standard air procedures.  After completing the introductory course, students will be automatically enrolled in the Basic Rotary Flight Training course to learn the basics of flight in the MH-9 Hummingbird using the Arma 3 Helicopters (RotorLib) DLC and advanced flight model. Students who graduate the Basic Rotary Flight Training will have the option to enroll in Advanced Rotary Flight Training involving larger airframes to learn safety measures, formation tactics, and instrument flight in preparation for combat. Combat Rotary Flight Training is the fourth course in the pilot training pipeline and teaches students CAS tactics and 9-line JTARs. The fifth, and final course offered to active students is Fixed Wing Training, which involves in-depth fighter maneuvering and interdiction tactics.


Our Promise

If you are willing to bring a positive attitude, a hunger for learning and are able to commit your time to our program, we will focus our team's vast experience and unbridled energy into helping you take that next step in your piloting career.


Sponsored Training


We cater to individuals, Clans, Communities to show and train on how to fly the boundaries of the Arma 3 flight Mechanics. Our Mission is to create real world training scenarios that can be used with any player or Mil-Sim group. More to come...



“These guys are serious about bringing you to the next level and even if you already think of yourself as an experienced ARMA pilot you might be surprised at what you could learn...† -Hogworthy, Class 001


Learn the standards of communications, basic transport and overcome the stress of putting PACS on the ground safely. Basic flight school is a 4- week school, 2-hours a week with the final test on week 4. This is a perfect opportunity to send your pilots from your local clan to flight school, or sign up yourself.


LEARN TO BE A QUALIFIED PILOT IN ARMA III, We train pilots for the Arma Community


Submit an application now at www.armaflightschool.com


PS- Thanks Bohemia for making such an amazing game with such diversity! 



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AFS Combat Rescue Night

Combat-Rescue.jpg Arma Combat Rescue Operations is a designated map that will test all the skills that we teach at Arma Flight School. ACRO will be on designated nights scheduled in our calendar of events so Students can plan ahead and join in on certain game nights. We are excited to host Arma Combat Rescue Operations on the Arma Flight School Server. 

Following Rules

Pilots must be qualified by AFS, to PIC (Pilot in Control) a helicopter. Co Pilot and fly with the supervision of a Qualified pilot as long as the PIC can take over the controls.

Chief Crewman must be trained as an Advanced CMT (Combat Medical Trained) and Ground Control Operations.

Crewman needs to be verified and checked off by the PIC (MORE TO COME)

PJ must be Special Operations Status with Advanced CMT


To participate in Combat Rescue Operations you must be a Arma Flight School Student

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