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Help with randomized gear?

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So I'm trying to make a generic faction for internal use and I want my soldiers to use this Beard mod (if activated) so they can look more middle eastern :)


This is what I got for the momment

class aif_ins_me_rifleman : I_G_Soldier_F {
		scope =2;
		side = 0;
		modelSides[] = {0, 3};
		faction = rhs_faction_aif;
		vehicleClass = aif_vehclass_men;
		author = "$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive";
		uniformClass = "aif_OG_Guerilla1_1";
		identityTypes[] = {"LanguagePER_F", "Head_TK", "G_IRAN_default", "NoGlasses"};
		allowedHeadgear[] = {"H_Shemag_olive","H_ShemagOpen_tan", "H_ShemagOpen_khk"};
		genericNames = "TakistaniMen";
		linkedItems[] = {"H_Shemag_khk","V_Chestrig_khk","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch","ItemRadio"};
		respawnLinkedItems[] = {"H_Shemag_khk","V_Chestrig_khk","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch","ItemRadio"};

		weapons[] = {"rhs_weap_akm","Throw","Put"};
		respawnWeapons[] = {"rhs_weap_akm","Throw","Put"};

		magazines[] = {"rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm", "rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm", "rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm", "rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm", "rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm", "rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm","rhs_mag_rgd5","rhs_mag_rgd5"};
		respawnMagazines[] = {"rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm", "rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm", "rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm", "rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm", "rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm", "rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm","rhs_mag_rgd5","rhs_mag_rgd5"};

Some beard class names are: SFG_Tac_BeardD, SFG_Tac_BeardB, SFG_Tac_BeardG.



How can I do that?


Thanks in advance!




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