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Virtual Arsenal 3D Object Viewer

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So I'm working on my own uniform/weapon/vehicle pack at the moment and at the same time I am creating a website to showcase all the items that I am working on as well. One thing that has always bugged me about ArmA is that there is no way to view objects in a 3D space by themselves to either take good screenshots of them or check them for editing fixes you might need to make before releasing them to the public.


With the addition of the Virtual Arsenal this became a little easier to do but it still didn't allow a full 3D viewer.


My idea would be to create something like the VA but that would just allow you to view individual items (vests, helmets, uniforms) in a full 3D 3 axis environment. Another feature would be to have customizable backgrounds and lighting scenes that way you can see them in different environments.


I have no idea how to even go about getting this started and if anyone is willing to help or has input it is most welcome.

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