Mini-announcement time: We now have a public game server!   And we need your help giving it a test. The sever is running some PvP missions (No AI) made by myself and a friend. These are 32v32 infantry-focused missions in two modes; Rush and Push. These are sector-control type matches; the attackers need to capture objectives in order; once the last point is captured the attackers win. Either team can win by reducing the enemies tickets to zero. Attacker's start with a ticket advantage, but this needs to be balanced as it's hard to judge without a full server. In Rush gamemode, both teams have a main FOB where they spawn and access vehicles. In Push, only the attackers have a FOB; the defenders spawn near the active objective. Vehicles are mostly unarmed or lightly armed and armoured. There are some lightweight features like earplugs and squad markers included; these use the F-row keys. F1 opens the help menu. I should stress that these missions are very simple and should be easy to jump in and enjoy, without having to familiarise yourself with new mechanics or UI elements. APEX is not required, nor is any other Arma 3 DLC.       While the sever is in testing you will need the to use the following password to connect: rhspvp   As you can see from the link above, you only need RHS: AFRF and USAF to play on this server, but you can also use Dynasound 2 and Enhanced Soundscape (with CBA) if you wish. Feedback and bug reports should be reported in the usual place ( under the 'server' project. If it's a mission-specific bug (Like vehicle placement, zone problems, bad spawn etc) please make a note of which mission it occurs on. You can see the name of the active mission in the map.   Known Issues:   1) Sometimes when joining an in-progress match, you are not respawned on start, so you're stuck on debug. If this is the case, use Escape -> Respawn to get to the proper loadout selection screen. 2) Vehicles won't respawn if the owner respawns (or DC's) before reaching the deserted distance value (> 100m), so they either need to be reclaimed/destroyed or properly abandoned, for now. 3) F2 health display always displays 100 4) Squad Leader rally spawns are currently disabled     If these missions are popular I plan to expand them to include the other factions (GREF and SAF) and try to make more SQM's and gamemodes. Currently there are six missions on rotation; this will increase to eight with the release of Arma 3 1.70. If things go really well we might also look at getting a TS for the server and allowing TFAR or ACRE. We can also try to arrange some play-with-the-devs events at some point. If initial testing goes well that password will be removed. So tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your neighbours, and most importantly, tell me if you find any bugs (using  
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