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Teamspeak: 2ndidrealism.ts3ip.com
Game Server: 2nd Infantry Division [2ndID]: Recruitment Server or


What is the 2nd Infantry Division?
The 2nd Infantry Division was founded in early 2017 as an ARMA 3 Realism unit based around the United States Army and Air Force Structure. Here in 2nd ID we offer many positions to choose from, ranging from an Infantryman who battles the enemy anywhere on the battlefield at any time. Our trusty TACP's from the 5th Air Support Operations Squadron who call in our birds in the sky and provides all the major firepower we need to rain hell. Lastly, a Jet/Helicopter Pilot to get us to and from the objective, or even to pilot an Attack Aircraft to make sure the area around our men are safe. After you chose your MOS, we give you the required and precise training from attending Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training we let you choose your destiny within the unit and attend special schools at your expense. Our main mods consist of ACE, Task Force Radio, RHS Escalation, CUP Core/Terrain, and our Custom Mod Pack, now this may seem like a lot to download but it is definitely worth it during missions and game plays. Here in the 2nd Infantry we strive to keep it somewhat as realistic as possible, ranging from Maturity, Respect, Advanced Courses, Systems Employment, Weapons, and Tactics.


Current Unit Structure?

Our unit is currently in a Task Force Standard which is made up of..

2nd Infantry Division/Aviation Regiment - the 2nd Infantry Division is made up of the US Army's finest soldiers, the firece Infantryman, alongside the Infantryman is our Aviation Support Battalion which fly the UH-60 and CH-47's to get us to and from the objective anytime and anywhere.

5th Air Support Operations Squadron - The 5th ASOS is made up of Air Force Special Operations TACP's assigned to an Infantry Company or Platoon who provide the radio communications and fire from the sky with our trusty 74th Fighter Squadron

74th Fighter Squadron - The 74th Fighter Squadron is here to utilize the A-10 Fighter Aircraft for CAS and Anti-Tank Personnel/Infantry Purposes. This unit is both controlled by its very own pilots and also the TACP on the ground.


Must be 16 years old or older
Must have a legit copy of ARMA 3
Must have knowledge of a Realism Unit
Must be able to commit a realistic amount of time to the unit
Must accommodate for our timezone and theirs. We operate out of the Central Standard Timezone!


Current MOS's Available
11B - Infantryman

68W - Healthcare Specialist
1C431 - Tactical Air Control Partyman Apprentice
153A - Rotary Pilot Unassigned

11F31 - A-10 Fighter Pilot

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What we offer
Dedicated Public and Training Server ran off a Server Box
Custom Operations and Deployments
Custom Training Maps
Realistic structure and employment of weapon systems
Advanced Training's employed
Relaxed but a realistic community of mature members.

Typical Questions Asked
"How do you guys differ from other units?"
I wouldn't say we differ to much but we most certainly focus more on training and our members than I'd say most units. I (Anderson) Actually focus on trying to make the unit better for everyone and I like to hear what everyone has to say
"How far do you foresee you going?"
I foresee us going pretty far into the future. After running many units and having many faults I decided to take all that fault and change it to something better.
"Are your deployments gonna be like typical Missions? HVT Rescue, Combat Mission..ect. Like most Infantry Units?
Absolutely not! Our deployments, operations, and ftx's will be based on real life Infantry Missions and doings such as Combat Patrol, Reconnaissance, Dismount Patrols and Village Meetings. We will sometimes add the bit of surprises and CSAR..ect areas but no our missions will not be like, or will at least try not to be like every other unit missions and be the same damn thing.

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