I thought why stop at playing a niche game 😉   Anyway here is the script I use, maybe some interesting entries in there. Pretty much only the runway lights remain on - which I find kinda cool actually. if (isServer) then { _types = [ "Lamps_Base_F", "Land_PortableLight_single_F", "Land_PortableLight_double_F", "Land_FloodLight_F", "Land_LightHouse_F", "Land_LampStadium_F", "Land_PowerLine_01_pole_lamp_F", "Land_NavigLight_3_F", "Land_LampAirport_F", "Land_LampSolar_F", "Land_LampStreet_F", "Land_LampStreet_small_F", "PowerLines_base_F", "Land_LampDecor_F", "Land_LampHalogen_F", "Land_LampHarbour_F", "Land_LampShabby_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_L_F", "Land_NavigLight", "Land_runway_edgelight", "Land_runway_edgelight_blue_F", "Land_Flush_Light_green_F", "Land_Flush_Light_red_F", "Land_Flush_Light_yellow_F", "Land_Runway_PAPI", "Land_Runway_PAPI_2", "Land_Runway_PAPI_3", "Land_Runway_PAPI_4", "Land_fs_roof_F", "Land_fs_sign_F" ]; for [{_i=0},{_i < (count _types)},{_i=_i+1}] do { _lamps = (getMarkerPos "lightsout") nearObjects [_types select _i, 8000]; sleep 0.1; {_x setDamage 0.95} forEach _lamps; }; }; Cheers
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