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[Recruting][A3]Central Operations Network (Central Op)

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Central Operations Network


Steam Group

About Us:

Central Operations Network (Central Op) is a growing international community for gamers with an ArmA 3 focus, based in Europe. In ArmA 3, we focus on a semi-realistic combat environment with elements of real world tactics and discipline. While not as serious as some milsim units we do have a few ground rules to ensure everyone has fun. We are open to running public co-op missions however the quality and variation at hand leaves to be desired, as such we only have one private instance running. Other popular games such as CS:GO and Terraria are played by members in our community.

Attendance is not required and lengthy unexplained absences aren't punished. Real life problems and events always take top priority. However, failure to attend events will deprive you of the more demanding, specialist roles and ranks for obvious reasons.

Typical Event:

A gamemaster or GM for short will have picked a date at least 2 to 3 days in advance (anywhere up to two weeks), giving him/her enough time to prepare the mission, using MCC/Zeus or equivalent. Ideally the GM has a briefing ready for fireteam and squad leaders, before players join the server. Our mission framework is currently under a major revamp which will hopefully improve efficiency over the next few weeks and months.

Events run from 20:30 to 00:00 Central European Time (GMT+1) on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays and sometimes midweek. The range of mods and varied GMs ensures a wide variety of interesting and challenging missions.

We usually run at least one event a week if not two.

Mod Pack:

Our current mod pack we use are well known ArmA 3 Mods and can be easily downloaded via ArmA3Sync.

List of current mods:

As of 21/07/2015:
























The current size of the mod pack is roughly 7 Gb and will change over time.


Age Requirement: 16+ / The average age of our members is 20.

Teamspeak 3 Installed

Must be able to speak English and respond to requests and replies, in direct chat and over radio. Must be able to speak English fluently if you see yourself taking a leadership role.

Must have a working mic!



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