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[NL/BE] 103SF Korps Commando Troepen

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103 Special Forces Company is a dutch ArmA 3 unit that emulates the real world Korps Commando Troepen, offering the opportunity to operate and train as a member of the NLSF, implementing undisclosed tactics, techniques, procedures, as well as modern equipment and vehicles.


103SF was founded by a group of like-minded individuals with over two decades of experience within various milsim and realism units, across different games and platforms. This provides members with an enjoyable team atmosphere and exciting and unique gameplay features, making all training, operations, organisation, equipment and vehicles are as close to the real life counterpart as possible.
We have members with notable military background and ranks, who help to bring the immersion even further.




103SF is an ArmA 3 multiplayer group which takes pride in its level of immersion and professionalism as well as maintaining the important balance between realism, quality and fun.

Mission setups range from short, well planned raids to long persistent missions that last for weeks with the server 24/7 where infiltration and (combat-)survival skills are key. And everything in between.


103SF conducts dynamic operations, all of which aim to emulate the actions of a Special Forces team. Missions are created by a highly skilled development team, with first hand knowledge of current NLSF operations. The core staff have particular skillsets that assist the daily, weekly and monthly operation of the unit, ranging from mission development and scripting, to custom addon creation and server management. This provides a high quality experience for members who experience fantastic realism gameplay during our private sessions.


Operations are conducted using multiple methods of insertion including high altitude parachute drops, undercover infiltration, covert underwater insertion, air assault and vehicular insertion utilising heavy weapons platforms. Our exclusive insight allows for a high level of immersion and realism in our training programs as well as during operations.



Those wanting to join 103SF will face a Selection Course, providing insight for the staff in the aspiring member's motivation and core skills.


The 103SF Selection Course can be taken any time. If you are interested in joining, please check the following requirements to proceed:


- Over 18 years old

- Speak and understand fluent Dutch

- Speak and understand English

- Professional, dedicated and mature attitude

- Able to attend weekly Monday evening (GMT+1) sessions

- Decent grasp of basic land navigation techniques

- Own a legal version of ArmA3 and Apex DLC 

- Able to install and update addons without assistance (Arma3sync & manually)


Visit our website

Visist Discord

or Apply directly


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