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[Beg for help][Q] ZEUS custom loadout in the Arsenal for saved units. How to save it?

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So I want to tell you that I just started editing few days ago and I am tottaly noob into that. I am stuck at the thing that is very important to me and I have to do it but I just can't find the solution. I beg you for help :( Unfortunetly I don't know much about scripting or even don't know where to past the script like that. I just want to know if it's even possible to make the way I want it. I just want the loadouts of custom enemy soldiers that I edited before to load together with my mission when I will just press "Load from Profile" in MCC. I am editing the loadouts trough Zeus Arsenal.

I want to tell you that I do not use any kinds of mods on the server just "MCC" and "CBA_A3" which are "community base addons".

If there is any kind of script for that thing can someone explain to me how and where to paste which script? I don't know even about how to paste the script into the game but If there could be any kind person here to give me answers for these questions that I am asking I would be very thankful.

I have problem saving specific loadouts for a specific soldiers while editing mission with Zeus. I am editing their outfits and load in the Zeus by Arsenal and then I am trying to save it but I can't, when I try to load the specific units came back to their standart loadouts and the changes do not apply. So after I change some of the units loadouts next thing what I do is that I am opening MCC then I press Save/Load then Save it to profile but when I load the profile my soldiers aren't looking the way I saved them to be, they have their standart load and outfits but I saved them otherwise. Can someone please help me with my issue? This is important... It seems I cannot find solution for this problem and it's probably because I don't know how to save their specific loadouts. I tried copying it to clipboard and loading it, exporting this from the Arsenal and messed with it generaly but it still didn't work for me cuz I don't know much about it. Even I pressed export copied it to clipboard and then, saved it and loaded it, it still didn't do nothing. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong can someone please explain to me how to do it for it to save and then load together with everything else while I'd I load my whole mission?

Please guys give me some helping hand it seems I tried everything :(

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