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[Planning/R&D] 2nd Battalion Scots Guards (Gaming Unit) [MilSim]

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About Us

The 2 SG (GU) is an upcoming/in the making Arma 3 MilSim unit. We will be representing the 2nd Btn Scots Guards, providing an Armoured Infantry role. Using realistic tactics used by the British Army and NATO, we aspire to create a professional and well oiled gaming unit for those who are looking for a unique Arma 3 experience.

What We are Looking For

Since we are only in the planning and research/dev phase at the moment, we are looking for any members interested in joining the unit in a variety of roles. These roles include:

  • Rifleman
  • LMG Gunner
  • GPMG Gunner
  • Marksman
  • Warrior Crewman
  • Rotary Pilot/Co-Pilot
  • Air Crew
  • Communications Operator
  • AT Specialist
  • MG Specialist
  • JNCO
  • Medic

We are hoping to find members with cadets/military experience, as well as mission makers, mod makers, those with leadership experience, etc. If you are new to Arma or you have little experience in this sort of thing, don't worry. We'll be glad to have you if you'll have us.

What We Require

  • Age of 16 or Older
  • Own Arma 3
  • Own a Microphone
  • Will attend official operations/trainings
  • Commitment to the Unit
  • Desire to work as a team

If any part of this ad has gotten your positive attention, or you would just like to help out/advise/whathaveyou, please have a look at our facilities:



FORUMS: http://4para.net/forums/*

If you would like to get in touch with an RRT member, please PM me here, or add either [DCoy]Lt Keown [2 SG], [DCoy]LCpl JK [2 SG], or Gdsm Murphy [2 SG] on steam. Our TeamSpeak is

*domain subject to change

Thanks for your time,


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