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I am big fan of Operation Flashpoint 1985 / Cold War Assault and actually were playing it when i installed ARMA 1.

I expected an upgrade to original game with better graphics and more features, this is indeed an upgrade with many improvements however it feels completely different because of new engine they used.

1. Physics is the main problem feels like completely different from original game movement, aiming, etc slow turning around. Units animation and just the shape are very unnatural, they too skinny and tall. Game Feels like its some mod for Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.

2. AI talking too fast and bit dumb vehicles hit rocks at full speed when in line formation BMP's flip upside down on even surface.

3. Iron sights on all weapons other than AK47 are very small and hard to use you also need to zoom in to effectively use sight. On American side most all units have this red dot sight that is huge and gives tunnel vision effect.

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