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Analog pedals for vehicle won't brake fully

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Recently I have a problem with my pedals, the brake (mapped to "vehicle reverse") used to function well but recently it's braking at only about half power. So the vehicle takes forever to come to a stop (I overshot a 90 degree turn the other day playing online, glad I did not kill anybody in the vehicle...).

I have read that mapping the axis to two commands within the same group (i.e. Vehicle movement in this case) might be a problem. But I don't have that. I have them for Infantry movement - leaning as well but that shouldn't be a problem?

I tried to muck around in the settings but couldn't get it to work. It's configured as before, and it used to work.

Is it a bug?

My forum search turned up this, don't know if it's related.

Edit: Ah - got it. I plugged in another xbox controller to use for camera work, and somehow that controller's stick got mapped to Vehicle - reverse as well. So there's an example of this weird behavior described here (the 50% thingy): http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?190565-Car-Left-and-Right-Analog-won-t-steer-tracked-vehicles&p=2914182&viewfull=1#post2914182

Glad I got that sorted out!

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