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COunter INsurgency - Altis

{Op4} Public Server: Port: 2302 (Filter Op4 in server browser)
{Op4} Gaming Website - http://op4gaming.us/

Red Hammer Studios: United States Armed Forces

Red Hammer Studios: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Red Hammer Studios: Green Forces

1. No Cheating! This is common sense, don't spawn in assets, make yourself invulnerable, etc.

2. Support assets (Aircraft, Armor, Artillery, etc) are ONLY to be used in direct support of infantry.

3. You must be in TS3 to use Aircraft, Armor, and other support assets (TS3:

Mission is in a constant development state, not all features/elements have been implemented. If you have any suggestions for improvements feel free to post them in this thread.

Conduct counter insurgency operation in the Altis area, this will include; Moving to and clearing enemy presence from villages and areas inside the Altis AO, Gather intelligence on insurgent activity and assets, eliminate insurgents ability to maintain the insurgency by removing key leadership personnel and destroying supplies, and to win the hearts and minds of the local populace via humanitarian aide and support against the insurgent extremist.

- Hot spots of insurgent activity
- Enemy AI skill levels adjusted (constant WIP)
- Artillery support assets for appropriate roles
- Optional mod availability for more diverse unit load outs with no requirements in mission file

- Destroy minor weapons cache (Minor mission in areas of heavy insurgent activity)

- Random infantry patrols throughout the entire Altis AO

- Vehicles tasked specifically to defend areas with high insurgent activity. (As opposed to roving the whole map)

- Static Weapons Inplaced Within the AO'S

- Enemy QRF forces will respond to current AO's to reinforce


Possible Extra Features
- Civilian Traffic
- Missions
- Eliminate major supply locations (Standalone heavily defended missions with random placement)
- Capture/Kill primary leadership (Standalone heavily defended mission with random placement)
- Deliver and distribute supplies and aide to local villages (Standalone Mission)
- Eliminate HVT (Minor mission in areas of heavy insurgent activity)- Local informants
- IEDs, VBIEDs, EFPs, and possibly suicide bombers
- Road blocks and ambushes
- Local military forces controlled by AI. (Friendly, most of the time, to US Forces)
- Negative effects to you and the overall mission for killing civilians or Local military forces
- Support roles for Helicopter Pilots (resupply friendly infantry/vehicles with ammo, medical, etc)
- Roving technical patrols throughout the entire Altis AO
- Civilian populace in villages/towns/cities



Mod list and server rules can also be viewed at our website, here Server Rules/Mods





Mods used by {Op4} Members, along with most other public players. Without these addons you will most likely not see any {Op4} members wearing anything, and it also makes communication between units very difficult.


Task Force Arrowhead Radio

{Op4}Uniform Pack -> Works best with Spec 4 Vests

Spec 4 Vests




Mods used by {Op4} Members. Without these addons, you may not see weapons, uniforms, or vehicles. Not required to be able to join the server.


Specialist Military Arms

TF 47 Launchers

TF 47 Launchers RHS Patch

RH Accessories Pack


Zee's Identity Pack


Other Allowed Mods


Allowed- Mods that are allowed on the server, but will not always be actively used by {Op4} Members. Not required to be able to join the server.


Toadies HLC Mods -> BI forum page for all HLC Downloads. (Preferably do not use the HLC Saws, as they are included in RHS)

Scope Mod A3

Mighty GAU-8 Avenger


If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us on our forums or you can email me directly Brandon@op4gaming.com

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Mission updated many times. Mods updated, AI continuously being tweaked, random enemy patrols on whole map, enemies reinforce current AO's with QRF forces.

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Mission is being updated again, the enemy cache site markers have been removed (so you have to search for them yourself). We are currently working on a way to make it so you have to secure the enemy bodies for intel in order for the cache sites to be marked on the map. We also included the new RHS mod, RHS:GREF and we've also updated RHS:AFRF and RHS:USAF to version 0.4.1 which includes all sorts of new goodies. Along with that we are still continuously balancing the AI to provide a challenge but to also not make the AI super soldiers, and as always we are working on implementing new features that we've been coming up with.

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