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Frag Platoon Wants You! - Join Today!

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Frag Platoon Wants you! - Join Today!


Website: http://fragplatoon.net/

What is Frag Platoon?

Frag Platoon has been founded to serve as a home for those looking for a community of dedicated, respectful individuals moving towards a common goal of casual tactical fun in ArmA.

Frag Platoon was founded in May of this year by many of "Core Tactical's" old member base, with the objective of establishing a haven for those looking to play ArmA with a tactical, yet lighthearted mindset. All of our members are expected to abide by the following virtues, which we all strive to hold ourselves to.

Virtues: Respect, Fun, Tactics, Community, Maturity, Professionalism, Quality over Quantity and Good Sportsmanship

ArmA 2 is fantastic as it is, but with mods...it's taken to a whole other level. As such, Frag Platoon uses a variety of mods such as @ACRE, @ACE and @Lingor Island to enhance the immersion and entertainment our members receive from each session.

What is your playstyle like?

We like to take a tactical, yet casual outlook on ArmA. We think ArmA is a fantastic military sandbox that gives us the opportunity to strike the perfect balance in between tactical game play and good old lighthearted fun.

We have three categories of missions in Frag Platoon.

  • Our cooperative missions our generally structured missions with multiple infantry elements supported by additional assets such air, armor, etc all focusing on one objective.

  • Our adversarial missions come in a variety of forms, however they all have one thing in common, fast paced adrenaline rush of combat. Our player vs. player scenarios allow us to pitch two or more teams against each other in close proximity, needless to say; things get intense.

  • Near the tail end of our sessions when things our winding down well lean back in our seats and play some more..'interesting' missions such as Sports Car Race or Gang Showdown. Anything that doesn't fit in our cooperative or adversarial categories ends up here.

Additionally, here are some videos showcasing our playstyle in game:

How do I join?

Assuming you meet our join requirements, which are listed at the following link, you can become a part of Frag Platoon by heading here: http://fragplatoon.net/fragplatoon-joiningus/ and submitting an application.

We generally respond to applications within 48 hours, so you wont have long to wait before we get you in session friend!

We'll see you on the battlefield! Good luck!

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