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Patch 1.85 release getting close

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Resistance patch (1.85) will be out soon, it is currently in the final developement stages. The same is true for linux dedicated server.

Stay tuned for more information.

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The patch will contain over 100 new features, improvements and bug fixes including:

New weapons


* Hunting Rifle (HuntingRifle, HuntingRifleMag): civilian hunting rifle with optics. Very strong but a bit slow.

* Glock 17 - silenced version (GlockS, GlockSMag): silenced version of standard Glock 17 (a bit weaker).

* Revolver S&W (Revolver, RevolverMag): very powerful and very slow hand gun.

* Ingram (Ingram, IngramMag): submachinegun used as handgun. Not too accurate but very quick and with 30 bullets in the clip.

New units


* Resistance / Sniper: Resistance soldier with a mask, Hunting Rifle and Ingram.

* West / pilot with hand gun: Standard pilot with new Smith and Wesson revolver.

* West / silenced BlackOp: BlackOp with satchel charges and HK and hand gun, both silenced.

New vehicles


* Bicycle: civilian bicycle.

* Car Mini: very nice and fast mini car.

New features


* Hand guns have no tracers now.

* Hand guns are more inaccurate to longer distances.

* Hand gun types are more different now (Tokarev is the strongest but the most inacurate, Glock is the most accurate, etc.)

* Some new sounds added.

* Some better animations used

New MP Missions


* SectorControl.Noe: New version of old mission. Extensive fighting around a small bridge on the north.

* FlagFightHandGuns.Noe: Very fast and deadly mission. Deathmatch with flag on a very small area. Hand guns only.



- Fixed: When seagull fly more than 100 m from dead player, simulation was suspended

- Fixed: When function disableUserInput true is called, forget all pressed keys

- Fixed: MP: Problems with get-in very quickly followed by get-out.

- New: Scripting: Functions loadFile and preprocessFile added.

- Fixed: functions moveIn... can be called only for local soldiers now (ignored for remote soldiers)

- New: Scripting: Functions call, if, else, while added.

- Fixed: Units in cargo space of vehicle can take / drop items even when vehicle moves

- Added: parameter "kickDuplicate" added to dedicated server config

- Fixed: Transfer of user defined animations through network in MP

- Fixed: Fire burning is synchronized in MP

- Fixed: Walking upstairs was very hard, almost impossible(bug introduced in 1.75).

- Fixed: Weapon pool lost after using Revert or Continue to start missions First Strike or Fireworks.

- Fixed: Several fixes in radio submenu 0 - Reply.

- Improved: Editor: Vehicle classes (Armored, Car, ...) are now fully dynamic. Any addon maker can now introduce his own classes.

- Fixed: Some empty objects could also be inserted as Civilian, using group slots and causing confusion inside of the editor.

- New: Addons and scripting: Customizable event handlers for events: Killed, Hit, Dammaged, GetIn, GetOut, Init, Engine, Gear, Fuel, Fired, IncomingMissile.

- New: Scripting: New functions addEventHandler, removeEventHandler, removeAllEventHandlers.

- Improved: MP: Minimal error to send updates across network can be now adjusted by MinErrorToSend value in Flashpoint.cfg. Default value is 0.01. Using smaller value can make units observed by binoculars or sniper rifle to move smoother.

- New: Addon dependencies can be declared using requiredAddons[] section of CfgPatches.

- Fixed: Tanks no longer slide aside when standing on the hills.

- Fixed: Tanks jumping after getting in, especially on the hill.

- Fixed: Tank braking singnificantly faster.

- Fixed: MP: Fixed inconsistencies in determination of simulation precision, which caused remote vehicle shaking.

- Fixed: MP: Remote grenades and bullet tracers are now visible.

- New: Scripting: Function "private" introduces local variable in the innermost scope.

- New: Scripting: Brackets { and } can be used to enclose string constants.

- Fixed: MP: Ghost might be left after user disconnected.

- Added: functions missionName, missionStart, playersNumber

- Fixed: When replaying mission from campaign, weapon pool was not loaded.

- New: Scripting: flyInHeight now affects not only helicopters, but also planes.

- Added: functions velocity, setVelocity

- Improved: Mission on dedicated server launched if all roles are assigned and confirmed even if some players remain

- Improved: Mission voting is finished once result is certain.

- Improved: Compression of sound dynamic range less agressive.

- Fixed: Multiplayer setup display - sometimes bad message appears for server (or admin)

- Added: Elimination of "disconnect cheat"

- Fixed: Multiplayer session list: bad title appears when open the screen and Internet sessions was selected last

- Added: MP respawn in base - enable several respawn markers for each side / vehicle (named "respawn_west_1", "respawn_west_2", etc.)

- Fixed: Better usage of already transferred multiplayer missions (cache added)

- Fixed: Behaviour of AI in Capture the flag or Flag Fight missions (sometimes flag was placed on wrong unit)

- Fixed: Cursor movement orientation was wrong when camera was banked. This made plane mouse controls difficult.

- Fixed: MP: Missile direction was not transfered to other clients.

- Fixed: MP: Fired flares were not transfered to other clients.

- Fixed: setObjectTexture often did not work when repeating mission.

- Fixed: AH1 cannon was aiming, but not moving (wrong animation).

- Fixed: AI Helicopter pilot no longer climbs high when preparing to stop or land.

- Fixed: User dialog doesn't disappear when mission end

- Improved: AI Airplane mgun engaging improved.

- Fixed: A10 cannon adjusted to cause more dammage.

- Fixed: Dedicated server crashed when unregistered addon was used.

- Added: Radio commands India & Juliet

- Fixed: Scripting command nearestObject (pos,typeName) did not work.

- Optimized: Dedicated server CPU load improved, especially when many players are connected.


Marek Spanel - Operation Flashpoint Project Leader

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The bug and improvements list is not complete. There are some other minor bugs and improvements (like improved compatibility with 1985 and Red Hammer campaigns or slider custom dialog functions). We will publich complete list and updated command reference once patch is out.

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