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Welcome to Electronic Sports Mastersâ„¢ | Where the challenge begins ...

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It is a pleasure to announce that on the 1st of September 2015 the first edition of the Electronic Sports Mastersâ„¢: World League 2015 will begin. It is a PvP e-Sports championship of international nature for the game Armed Assault 3 in its CTF game mode.

The Electronic Sports Mastersâ„¢ (ESM) arises from the necessity of hosting and offering the international community of e-Sports of Armed Assault 3 a place in which they can share and, of course, compete at the highest level, with quality, compromise and seriousness standards, thanks to the good practice of all our collaborators. The official language will be English, although there will be different sections for different languages with the aim of promoting participation of the Arma 3 community.


With all this we aim to complement and, why not, expand, the current offer of events that up to now was oriented exclusively to big MilSim groups.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please write an email to info@esportsmasters.org with these data:

  1. Name/Surname:
  2. Birth date:
  3. Place of origin:
  4. Mother language:
  5. Other languages (written and spoken level):
  6. Tools/apps of interest for the ESM:
  7. How would you collaborate? :

    • Forum moderator
    • Arma 3 missions editor
    • Writer (News)
    • Event master
    • Webmaster
    • Art/illustrator/graphic artist

[*]Why are you interested in collaborating with us?

Chat room - Skirmish Games

A. What is Skirmish Games?

With this name you will find non-official games (official ones will be managed through the forums to have a track of events) organized on-the-go though our chat.

B. What is the objective?

To offer a meeting point where people can organize on-the-go games easily and quickly.

C. How does it work?

The first thing to do is sign up in our website to be able to access the chat. Once you are logged in you can leave a message in the general lobby with the following information and format:

- Game mode/ map / number of players / Server (yes/no) / level of your team (low/average/high)

- Example: CTF / Gravia / 8 / yes / average

People who are in that moment in the chat and see your message can contact you directly through a private chat to be able to negotiate and play the game.

For more information, please visit our website www.esportsmasters.org. Join now and enroll your team BEFORE Sunday the 1st of September 2015!

Follow us:


Electronic Sports Mastersâ„¢ - Since 2015. Where the challenge begins ...


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