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504PIR. 82nd Airborne | Arma 3 Realism Unit

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504th Parachute Infantry Regiment

82nd Airborne Division

Arma 3 Realism Unit



In the 504PIR we focus on realistic usage of tactics, structure and methods to defeat our enemies. Detailed missions and campaigns provide our members with an immersive experience while a friendly atmosphere outside of missions creates a close connection between members.

When it comes to mods we carefully select them to ensure we aren't making our members download 20GB of content. We pick mods that we believe will enhance the player's experience, a few examples being RHS, Alive and ACE3.

When it comes to training we believe that putting our members though 2 hours of in-game sessions results in little improvement. Therefore we host a single training session a week that will take no longer than one hour, and will focus on mistakes made in previous missions, this allows us to iron out the flaws the team. Players do not need to "pass out" a training course before joining missions, as we believe playing our missions provides the best experience for improvement rather than a 2 hour training session.

The unit is based in Europe, in the GMT timezone, however we ensure that our event times allow for members from other timezones to join with limited hassle. Our official events are hosted on Saturday and Sunday at 7pm GMT. Throughout the week our server runs a constant mission that players can simply hop onto and play casually.

To join the unit, add Timmyrules [82AB] on steam.

We hope to see you in our ranks.

Thank you

-Timmyrules [82AB]

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