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Seeking help for arma 3 Modding

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Hello! I am fairly new to the Arma 3 modding. I am looking for some one that is familiar with doing those configs and just have general knowledge of the modding in Arma 3.

Also if you are new to it as well send me a message and we will learn together! :D

Oke so what do you want to make or what are you making??

Well I got inspired by a World war 1 game on the steam store!

So I thought why not attempting to make one in arma?

This is what I got so far > http://prntscr.com/76b7nh <

I got some weapons as well but not fully ready yet.

I am hyped for this and really want to do this!

I have learned a lot so far with the Arma 3 configs and such and Object builder.

So any one that is willing to help out! contact me!

More information about the mod plans will be given to the people that are intrested in helping. And soon we will bring a post up with these plans for evreyone to see.

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