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Survival Launcher - alternate MOD Launcher for ARMA 2:OA Epoch, Origins & More

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Updated May 11, 2015: Version released

I've been working for the last year on a launcher for both Arma 2:OA and Arma 3. The goal is simple: keep it free, keep it updated (same day mod / game updates), and keep it from negatively impacting player ease of joining game servers. It's also modular and I can build in new games fairly easily.

Here are a few screenshots:


http://survivallauncher.com/wp-content/themes/bizantine/images/launcher_mod_manager_full.png (102 kB)

http://survivallauncher.com/wp-content/themes/bizantine/images/launcher_server_browser_full.png (126 kB)


This thread is a child thread of the main thread which is located in the Arma 3 Utility section here:


Go download it at http://www.SurvivalLauncher.com

As feedback is crucial to this project, I ask that you let me know of any bugs or feature requests here or in the Arma 3 thread!


Ryan Pennington

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