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Dedicated Server Steam Groups Whitelist

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Does anyone have any information on white listing via steam groups? I setup a Space Engineers Dedi Server recently, and one of the ways you could whitelist a server was via a steam group and its ID, see url http://wiki.multiplay.co.uk/Space_Engineers/Steam_Whitelisting

Essentially the server is whitelisted via the group ID which you need to be in to join, if you aren't in that group you cannot join the server, and the steam groups are either private or public meaning you can whitelist your server how you want all before the person has set foot in your server, and they aren't limited meaning you can have multiple groups for each server (say you have a wasteland and Life server).

I am unsure if this is that relevant seeing as Arma 3 has its own player identification system in place, but it would make a few things easier such as if you are a private group you can see every steam profile joining your group on steam via the invite and link it to the server player name, you can also use other steam group functions such as announcements, modsets, discussions, events etc, allowing for a server to be wholly run through the steam group.

The nice thing with it all is also your community members start to find each other much easier creating a stronger community.

As I say I do not know if anyone has seen this but it seems pretty good to me, it has no impact on non whitelist servers its just an option for server owners, and it doesn't affect steam users who want to remain anonymous because you can still make your profile private in steam if theres a server you want to join that's whitelisted.

The only potential drawbacks as I say are privacy for steam users for whitelisted servers via this method (not by other whitelisting methods), it also means grievers can be worse if you do whitelist your server via this method.

But for me the pros far outweigh the cons.

What do you guys think?

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