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NEED HELP! Spawn UPSMON units on Headless client as Zeus

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I want to give Zeus the ability to spawn UPSMON units running on a Headless client. I need help though, my programming skills are very limited. If this could work, I think many players will be happy :)

- Give Zeus the ability to create normal round / square markers with names + ability to adjust the size eg. SHIFT + scroll.

- Give Zeus the ability to create Empty markers with names.

- Create a button somewhere inside the Zeus GM control panel, which opens up a window IF a headless client is available. The window contains the following:

- 1x dropdown menu to select a script template (eg. Opfor fire team - opf_fireteam_spawn.sqf)

- 1x dropdown menu that lists all "normal" markers with names. (_patrolmarker)

- 1x dropdown menu that lists all empty markers with names. (_spawnmarker)

- A create button that will run the selected template: nul = ["_patrolmarker", "_ spawnmarker"] execVM "opf_fireteam_spawn.sqf"

I have no idea if this will work:


Private ["_grp";
if (! isServer && hasInterface) exitwith {};

   _patrolmarker = _this select 0;
   _spawnmarker = _this select 1;
   _side = createCenter east;

_grp = createGroup east;
_grp = [getMarkerPos "[b]_patrolmarker[/b]", _side, ["O_soldier_SL_F", "O_soldier_F", "O_soldier_F", "O_soldier_M_F", "O_medic_F", "O_soldier_F", "O_soldier_F"], [], [], [0.3, 0.6]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;
nul = [leader _grp,"[b]_spawnmarker[/b]","ONROAD","WEDGE","SAFE","LIMITED","nowait"] execVM "scripts\UPSMON.sqf";

I think this will be a great mod for Arma 3, and we can later add Behaviour-selection, loadout selection ect. Is there anyone who can put me on the right path?

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Could a moderator please move this thread to Zeus editing?

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I'm currently working on the same kind of thing:

I am creating a custom module that uses the UPSMON built in spawn function (using randoms & unit array).

No static marker, instead a marker is placed on the position of the module @ 2000m square.

When all units in the squad are dead, the marker then deletes...


Next i'm working on marker position update every 60 seconds on the squad leaders position...


["[CFC] Takistan Locals","INFANTRY", {

	_markerPrefix = floor random 999999;
	_patrolMarker = createMarker ["patrolMarker" + (str _markerPrefix), _this select 0];
	_patrolMarker setMarkerAlpha 0;
	_patrolMarker setMarkerShape "RECTANGLE";
	_patrolMarker setMarkerSize [2000, 2000];

	_grp = [_this select 0,INDEPENDENT,[
	],[2,4],2,[_patrolMarker,"SPAWNED","CARELESS","DELETE:",80,"NOVEH","COLUMN","LIMITED"]] call UPSMON_CreateGroup;

	{_X addCuratorEditableObjects [units _grp,true];} forEach AllCurators;

	while {true} do {
		if ( { alive _x } count (units _grp) < 1) then { deleteMarker _patrolMarker; };

}] call Ares_fnc_RegisterCustomModule;


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