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ISCI - A browser based Graphical Launcher for Clans

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http://www.a3milsim.com/images/ISCIV3.jpg (195 kB)

Download: http://www.a3milsim.com/seed/ISCI.zip

Hello All!

I am pleased to present ISCI, a DoD Themed, browser based graphical launcher for clans with multiple dedicated servers and a desire to have a little bit more. ISCI is, at it's heart, a JS map with SteamScript functionality. Utilizing the Arma 3 Launcher, one can facilitate a three-to-four click jump directly into a MP lobby via a graphical representation of the map the server is running, for example, a server running the PR Fata map can be represented by a map dot on the PR fata region, which, upon clicking, will display a "deploy button". Upon clicking the "Deploy" button, the player will be connected via SS to the server running the PR FATA mission, without having to go through the main arma screen, search for a server or enter a password. This speedy method of deployment is complimented by ISCI's ability to display youtube videos, play music and display dynamic text about a server prior to clicking the deploy button, allowing a clan to, for example, display a video about a mission, and a short bit of text, and then allowing the player to click the deploy button after getting the video brief to join directly in on the MP action.

ISCI is a project in progress, this first release is the tip of the iceberg of things I have planned. This package contains well-commented files, editable with any editor. The only file you will NEED to edit is leader.html, and it's verry easy! Plug it into your website, change a few lines of text, and enjoy ISCI for your clan!

ISCI is highly customizable, and anyone with basic CSS knowledge can adjust ISCI to their liking. It would be very easy to adapt this framework to any clan theme!

If you would like to customize the map data, open the js folder,and edit hostility-data.js - the current map represents political hostilities / instabilities per the most recent data I could find, but can easily represent anything with a few small edits to this file. I have commented it as well, so it's very easy to find each country and change the value, 0-100.

I made a video tutorial for my organization on how to use ISCI, but the video should suffice as a demo as well, you can see how the ISCI program works, videos in ISCI, etc. -

BIG NOTE: ISCI and Internet Explorer aren't friends. ISCI loves FIREFOX!! IE will not pass the password value to the A3 Launcher. Because IE is IE.

I hope you enjoy, and that many Arma clans can find good use for this hard work!

ISCI was originally developed just for our organization, but circumstances allow for me to release this to anyone, so here you go! If you like my work and want to do something nice, please donate a dollar or two to the folks in Nepal. I hear it's bad out there.


C. Salazar aka Freed0m

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This looks really awesome! I've been looking for something like this for a while for my group and I think this will do. Keep up the good work and the updates coming!

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