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Animating bolt action video

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I have watched Kiory doing this live and it seem important to me to save and store this video since

his VOD videos on twitch don't last months back, so I recorded twitch VOD and uploaded on youtube

as reference.It involves 3ds max, configs and in game.

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Really great! Unfortunately I had a m24 project and no more time to finish this animation job...

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I'm glad some people like you sebj find it useful.I deem it so important that I recorded, edited (8hours of rendering or so)

and uploaded so It stays around as resource.Is not perfect - visual fidelity is not as high as I would like (rendering settings)

and VOD gets muted at times but I argue that just with looking you can learn a lot.

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During video he references Skype chat which I just found that I copied in text document.Here I'm sharing it with you guys.


player addeventhandler ["fired", {_u = this select 0; _w = this select 1; _ammocount = _u ammo _w; if (_w == "Kio_L115A3" && _ammocount == 0) then {sleep 1; _u playactionNow "GestureReloadL115A3"}}];

Is there a way to get that anim not to fire off on the last shot?

Yea, becuase you onlt really want the last bolt animation to be part of the actual reload anim

yea makes sense

as reload and magazine reload are too separate things

gimem a sec. need to look up that one command. never used it before but i know it exists

Appreciate it mate

Kiory: You should see the bolt reload gesture now with the weapon bolt anim

Kiory: I think I have everyone beat if I'm totally honest XD

Bad Benson: can you paste the code i gave you last time or whatever you use now?

Kiory: yea 2 secs

Kiory: player addeventhandler ["fired", {u = this select 0; w = this select 1; if (w == "Kio_L115A3") then {sleep 1; u playactionNow "GestureReloadL115A3"}}]

Kiory: Sorry everyone

Bad Benson: did you remove the _ from the variables?

Kiory: Nope

Kiory: That's all that I have and it works

Kiory: although it is throwing an error

[9:58:39 PM] Kiory: still works for whtaever reason

Bad Benson: wow. thank god i found anotehr old ofp command. this new one is retarde

Bad Benson: http://pastebin.com/P96R3pmABad Benson: where it says _ammocount == 0 you might have to change the 0 to 1

Bad Benson: not sure about how fast the info changes

Bad Benson: also. are there no coders in epoch? too busy?

Kiory: too busy XD

Kiory: Thanks man, I'll give this a shot!

Bad Benson: 1 probably makes more sense

Bad Benson: so might aswell test that first

Kiory: well

Kiory: that's broken

Bad Benson: hm. one sec

Bad Benson: dude

Bad Benson: you removed all the _

Bad Benson: :D

Hatchet: Hatchet is back around

Bad Benson: one sec

Skaronator: you can't sleep in a eventHandler

Kiory: I have no idea what's going on

Bad Benson: http://pastebin.com/H6GdugEm

Bad Benson: this instead of _this

Bad Benson: some copy pasta fail on your side

you can actually glue hands to weapon

IPX: leftHandIKCurve[] = {0,1,0.05,0,0.95,0,1,1}; // first number in pair is animation rate marker, second number is target IK value

Kllrt:That's crazy, you can use it for realodMagazine?

Kiory: no I mean for the animation time

Kiory: yes you can

Kiory: and it's awesome, but it' a little difficult to get right

Kllrt: And BIS isn't using them, right?

Kiory: they use it to detach the IK glue at specific times on the bolt rifles etc

Kllrt: For weapons? Really? I never noticed that

Kiory: mhmm

Kiory: playing with it on stream now if you wanna check it out


0, 1

0.005, 0

0, 0.95

0, 1 = At 0% of animation IK will be engaged at 100%

0.05, 0 = at 5% of the animation IK will be disengaged

0.5, 1 = at 50% of the anim IK will be engaged at 100%

Kiory: Yea I'm using the animation as a marker for the percentage

Kiory: but it's not actually doing the proper time

Kiory: it's cutting off too early

IPX: are you using actual timings

IPX: or %

Kiory: timings of the animation

0.40000 and so on

Kiory: that's when I want the hand to glue back

Kiory: or is that not how to go about it?

but in my view it only works when your hand is actually positioned where it needs to be

at least thats how it worked in the vehicle drivewheel IK

0.4 is exactly where I need it to be

IPX: ill give you an example

Kiory: but it's cutting early, which is weird


IPX: this has IK on the drivewheel

IPX: and when i execute the gesture

IPX: and move the wheel it doesn't glue to it, it just rotates

Kiory: hmmm

it works differently with the weapons IK

Kiory:The curve works from a beginning point to an end point, so if you want the weight from one point to another, you must state it, so set IK from 0,1 to 0.4,1 would have IK behave from start to 40 percent

The IK curve stuff helps it look a little more natural I guess

[2:11:27 PM] Kiory: defining when the hands glue back to the gun at different moments

[2:11:40 PM] Kiory: you can actually do some absolutely crazy reload animations with that

[2:11:51 PM] Kiory: like flipping the gun around in the air and magazine etc

[2:12:52 PM] Kiory: They are Keyframes

leftHandIKCurve[] = {0,1,0.05,0,0.95,0,1,1}; // first number in pair is animation rate marker, second number is target IK value


[2:12:52 PM] Kiory: They are Keyframes


switch to dev

Apacheclrpg: use diag_mergeconfig

Apacheclrpg: save yourself some time

Apacheclrpg: its fine, i've been working on dev for the past two months

Apacheclrpg: well mate, google diag_mergeconfig

Apacheclrpg: its piss easy

Apacheclrpg: its pretty easy, setup a copy of your current config.cpp in Panim\config.cpp

Apacheclrpg: freaking smiles

Apacheclrpg: P : \anim\config.cpp

Apacheclrpg: no

Apacheclrpg: just an example

Apacheclrpg: can be your project folder

Apacheclrpg: alright so get ingame

Apacheclrpg: not with arma3exe

Apacheclrpg: with arma3diag.exe

C0dersec: thank god the singing is over :d

Apacheclrpg: ignor

Apacheclrpg: dont worry

Apacheclrpg: its just their dlc .ebo bullshit

Apacheclrpg: get ingame preview your anim

Apacheclrpg: abort

Apacheclrpg: did you hit retry ?

Apacheclrpg: you click abort when you get that shit

Apacheclrpg: its arma3diag for a reason

Apacheclrpg: it spews all kind of bs at you

Apacheclrpg: alright now go to your config.cpp

Apacheclrpg: and modify something drastically

Apacheclrpg: alright now save the cpp

Apacheclrpg: yeah then esc

Apacheclrpg: and diag_mergeConfigFile ["FullPathWithP:etc"]

Apacheclrpg: go to notepad++

Apacheclrpg: with P:

Apacheclrpg: just hitting restart works

Edited by enex

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thanks for 'archiving', so to speak

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I hope you asked him for permission to post this and that your posting is not the cause of why he deleted his channel (apparently?) ...

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I mentioned to him on the stream that I recorded his stream for this exact reason, and he seemed okay with it.(he was positive about it)

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