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seelenlos Telegraphiedienst

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SL Telegraphiedienst

This mod allows you to select and play several sounds from a menu in-game to entertain,

insult, annoy and applaud to other players. 81 sound samples are included, most of them are German.

Version: 1.01

Author: seelenlos

Authors website: http://arma.seelenlos.eu

Required Addons: None

Signed: Yes, server key included


After all, ArmA is still a game and we shouldn't take things too serious from time to time ...

So we thought it was a good idea to give the player the opportunity to play a soundfile from a selection

of various funny movie quotes, music snippets, classic game sounds etc. over the network which will

be heard by every other player in the game. You can select the sound to be played by pressing and

holding LCtrl+LShift and the Numpad keys in the visual interface at the top of the screen. Many of

the available sound samples are German, so is their description in the interface. In total there are 81

sounds to select from, including a bunch of famous movie quotes from our childhood's heroes

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.


- Plays sound samples over network by pressing LCtrl+LShift

- visual interface

- 81 sounds to select from

- player who played the sound is shown in global sidechat

- mod is to be run client-side only

The mod needs to be installed only on client side and is completely optional.

The server only needs to have the key installed. Players not running the mod

will see a sidechat message, but hear no sound.





Chucky & Fry from seelenlos-Team



License: GPLv3

Known Issues:

- missing chat message in very few missions for unknown reasons

- usage on laptops without numpad unclear: unable to test

- players abusing the mod for audio spamming: feel free to use the in-game Kick or Ban Buttons...



- first public release

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New mod v1.0.1 available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:



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