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My summer car

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Window stickers, like "More beer"


Is this for real? I hope so :)

I was going to say he might need some web design, but actually, it's probably a really great fit for his game, strangely refreshing given today's highly polished but bullshit marketing techniques.

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The game looks great, been following it for a while now. Eagerly waiting for early access.

This guy is a level 100 memester, the website is just part of the deal. He is also behind this masterpiece:

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Time to give the best Finnish future game a bump!


Still not in early access or like that. There are some testers that stream and make videos of the game.




What is it about because seems like the OP link isn't embedded:


More about the building the car:


- Fix, tune and build your cars literally one part and nut at a time

- You need right size tools

- Drink a lot of beer and vodka and get drunk. Remember drinking and driving isn't a good thing ;)

- Driving physics with wheel and even clutch support. There is even a local time attack challenge

- Day and night cycle so the local store isn't open at night

- Naturally you need money to buy parts and call the local shop with your wired phone so they can be ordered and picked up from there

- Pretty big open world. There is some traffic in the main road

- Permadeath

- Need to eat and drink. Also you need to take a piss every now and then

- Authentic Finnish early '90s summer scenery and ambience ranging from that annoying neighbor's barking dog to the scenery ruiner radio mast



Home page has changed the address but it's still the same old good looking page :D



Let's give a feature list that the dev has said:



Detailed driving simulation with Pacejka tire model
Car operating requires H-type shifter and clutch
Super difficult hardcore car building puzzle
Walking simulator
Car stereos with installable subwoofers
Camera to take photographs
Extensive damage system, for parts dropping off and wear and tear
Parts shop for spare parts and tuning parts
Does have graphics of some sort
Rallycross-style dirt track
Drivable cargo van
Online leaderboard rally event
Complete car build up from spark plug to full body tuning
Engine simulation with changing damage and performance scenarios
Early 90's Finnish countryside setting
Ability to chop wood for money
Fully functional dashboard similar to flight simulator
Brake fluid, oil, coolant, fuel, carburetor management
Fast and dangerous dirt roads
First person controls, no immersion breakers
Drivable tractor
Physics bugs



Radio channel
Window stickers, like "More beer"
Rowing boat. Motor boat is now implemented
Ability to make kilju and sell it to get some cash
Suomi KP/-31 to shoot fishes, cans, or something else
Drunk NPC's
Drag strip and local drag racing events
Able to go to sauna, drink alcohol beverages and get wasted  Now implemented
Lively environment with houses, nature and animals

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Sauna (probably the first working sauna in any game), motor boat and getting too wasted (passing out) in the last build. That Sauna looked so freaking cool :D


I'll put changelogs in this post just for the lulz:


BUILD 178 27.02.2016
-Hitting with fist now increases thirst and fatigue
-Fixed issue with FOV resetting to default value after zoom
-Now also fender flares and spoilers are being painted with metallic colours in repair shop
-Improved thunder lightning and clouds
-Added boat and two piers
-Interior textures for the Van and Muscle car
-Added ability to push vehicles with hands (J)
-External camera now renders fog correctly
-Added sauna (sauna states are not yet being saved)
-Made start helper for those who use 'Auto Clutch', hopefully to prevent engine fire
-Fridge can be opened now
-House interior updates
-Fixed stuck crouch mode after passing out in a vehicle
-Player character now floats in water
-Drunk decrease rate slowed
-Added rear view and side mirrors to vehicles
-Upgraded NPC vehicles

BUILD 177 02.02.2016
-Fixed issue where gasoline can got stuck in eternal pour mode
-Possible fix for issue where random body panels would fall off after game load
-Map changes
-Increased door opening force to help getting out of rolled vehicle
-Fixed car passenger side door close mechanic
-Fixed issue where saved repair shop order was not correctly loaded
-Decreased urine, thirst and hunger development rate when sleeping
-Removed possibility to open options menu and save at moment of death
-Added landfill site (next to airfield) where all the objects that fall through ground will re-spawn
-Added ability to break windshield with fist (H) if player gets stuck in rolled over car
-Added store safe zone so that objects don't fall through the ground so easily

BUILD 176 28.01.2016
-Ability to import own .OGG songs to the in-game radio (Refer radio.txt)
-Increased sub woofer bass boost and volume
-Constant smashing sound is now eliminated from object <-> car interaction
-Fixed issue where both fuel nozzles could be picked simultaneously
-Fixed issue with some items getting lost when opening Parts Magazine or other readable sheets
-Changed how Parts Magazine and other readable sheets appear
-Increased house safe zone so that objects don't fall through the ground so easily
-Added short cut to highway (Turn left to Loppe and then turn right shortly)
-Added small ponds and swamp to the Loppe area
-Improved less detailed water
-Removed vehicle rotation resets
-Car stock rims can be now painted (Tire needs to be removed from the car)
-Missing wind shield now increases car aerodynamic drag
-Car repair shop services implemented, located at Loppe
-You can now use your own picture in the drivers licence
-Added muscle car to game

BUILD 175 16.01.2016
-NOTE: Player can now die
-Game Over screens
-Fixed betting issue with Slotmachine
-Adjusted CoG of Tractor and Van
-Attempt to fix twerking Tractor front axle
-Doors of store and pub cant be left open any more
-Fixed issue where front seat bolts do not always show up
-Fixed infinite loop issue with handbrake and fuel lining logic
-Temporarily disabled vehicle headlights lighting up vegetation
-Disabled saved broken windshield until there is a way to get replacement windshield
-Fixed issue where player could go through vehicle doors
-Changed function of Van rear door
-Fixed Van and Tractor door glitch
-Sun and headlight flares now visible through glass
-Changes in thirst and hunger rates
-Possible fix for issue where drunk ambience in bar became echoed
-Removed quick time skip
-Fixed issue where items could be purchased even when store was closed
-Added purchase limit for store items
-Fixed issue where fuels were not saved for the Jerry Cans
-Added voice acting for Teimo the Shopkeeper
-Added hangover symptoms, shaking and increased hunger
-Added traffic signs and street lights
-Any vehicle can be now towed with any vehicle
-Better clutch aided braking help when using Auto Clutch
-Shadows setting affects now every light source
-Added water tap to kitchen for drinking water

BUILD 174 05.01.2016
-Added doors to the buildings
-Store is now open between 8-20
-Odometer should work now
-Changes in tractor hand throttle, parking brake and drivetrain
-Added trailer for tractor
-NOTE: All vehicle and player positions are now being saved!
-Tractor and Van can be now refuelled from diesel pump
-Chopped woods can be now put into tractor trailer, to be sold later
-Many small bug fixes
-Added a clock to the house
-Engine sounds changed for tractor, van and truck
-Added slot machine to bar
-Fixed small lag in the sausage purchase
-Car and Van shifting delay decreased
-Added some pub interior

BUILD 173 22.12.2015
-Overhauled bolting system for later gameplay changes
-Added settings menu
-Valve cover oil leak slowed down
-Valve adjustment bolts are now adjustable with screwdriver
-Added sledgehammer for to fix car bodywork
-Properly bolted front seats are now much more rigid
-Major leak in coolant system causes coolant pressure to drop quickly
-Fan belt tension adjustment and belt animation
-Fixed rain inside buildings
-First version of road traffic implemented
-Added controls and functions for tractor
-Decreased engine cooling efficiency
-Increased power of headlights

BUILD 172 14.10.15
-Added screwdriver to tools
-Fixed car exhaust smoke positions and simulation
-Optimal engine running temperature increased
-Fixed wood chop exploit
-Fixed assembly issues with clutch parts
-Performance optimizations
-Stretching texture issues for the terrain fixed
-Player no longer walks on top of the parts
-Timing Chain cannot be installed any more if Timing Cover is installed
-Clutch assembly cannot be installed any more if Clutch Cover Plate is attached to Flywheel
-Fixed old lake bed that stopped parts from falling into re-spawn collector
-Player speed reduced while crouching or using large tools
-Added new Crouch position between standing and full crouch
-Front seat hinges replaces with animation to help stability
-Fixed issue where Floor Jack could be pulled from under the car while its being used
-Partial solution for using Engine as wrecking ball against the car
-Fixed seats going through floorboard when uninstalling
-Added Zoom by pressing Left CTRL
-Small changes on how Hood and Bootlid opens and closes
-Motor Subframe bolts appear correctly now
-Fixed bug where empty Jerry Can had a mass of 0
-Parts and tools can be now picked while sitting inside car
-GUI notifications should not get stuck anymore
-Some Player globals should now be reseted when starting "New Game"

BUILD 171 06.10.15
-Wheel and axle movements are now refined to feature correct angle changes
-Started highway project around the map
-Aerodynamic drag corrections for vehicles
-More graphics
-More ambience sounds
-Headers and carburator manifold are now separate parts
-Exhaust system is now calculated into power and torque performance
-Various engine upgrades available for purchase
-Fixed issue where seat covers were not installable
-Player can now run by keeping Left Shift pressed
-Added ability to buy gasoline, diesel comes later
-Possible to pass out if too drunk

BUILD 170 12.09.15
-More graphics work
-Rally event and online leaderboard (NEW GAME is required for leaderboard feature to work)
-Drag strip with full staging and timing for testing out car performance
-Fixed some suspension issues
-Player name is now required when starting New Game
-Car weight adjustments
-Car physics optimizations, and possibly lots of bugs due that!
-Hand inventory overhauled for better overall usability
-Ability to chop wood for money
-Rain probability increased, lightning probability decreased
-Sleeping time is calculated from fatigue

BUILD 169 23.08.15
-Fixed issue where selecting New Game did not reset bought items
-Map and environment changes
-Fixed issue where parts could be removed while using Photocamera
-Night is longer
-Gears don't work now if gear stick or gear linkage is missing
-Fixed bug where it was possible to start engine without starter motor
-Empty bottles are now thrown away
-Fixed bug in ignition procedure where engine was hard to get running without throttling
-Steering wheels not jumpy anymore when using other than steering wheel controllers

BUILD 168 12.08.15
-Engine can be now completely destroyed by over-revving
-Engine can be now run on battery, until it runs empty
-Completely reworked dashboard electricity and functionality
-Car ignition has now ACC mode
-Added fast speed to wind shield wipers
-Extra gauges (volts, water pressure, oil pressure) available for purchase
-Ability to pee into radiator
-Added rain

BUILD 167 27.07.15
-Used bottles in beer case are now saved
-Ability to go to store to buy beer and sausages
-Front seats assembly
-Handbrake assembly
-Fixed detachment issues with body panels
-Player can now get thrown out of the car if seat breaks off
-Exhaust pipe and muffler are now separate parts
-New engine sounds for the car
-More tuning parts and updated spare part catalogue
-On/Off Toggle for HUD
-Player attributes are now saved
-Motor water pressure simulation, engine can boil now
-Fixed bootlid assemble where it might assemble in wrong position
-Wonky car jack fixed
-Better performance when picking up assembled engine

BUILD 166 12.07.15
-New IK solvers for suspension parts to eliminate jitter and other issues
-Removable caps for car fluid containers
-Graphics for two car jacks
-Full motor removal requires now removal of some auxiliary parts
-Motor can be now attached to motor hoist before unbolting it
-Spanners can be now picked up only from opened toolbox
-Car won't start if fuel level is less than 0.2 litres
-Player movement is now slower
-Yellow spikes from tires at some circumstances are now removed for good
-HUD for player status
-P is for urinating
-Possibility to sleep and advance 8 hours in-game time
-Player can eat sausages
-Flies fly around the player if he doesn't go to sauna (sauna not yet implemented)

BUILD 165 25.05.15
-Motor can now break off from hoist if force is too high
-Fixed issue where valve adjustments could be turned into 0-position
-Adjusted brake balance of vehicles
-New driving surfaces, including gravel, grass, asphalt and swamp
-New water shader
-Adjusted carburetor idle screw clamps to avoid unstable calculations
-Decreased thunder probability
-Added airfield
-Entering and exiting drive-mode is now seamless
-Going inside vehicles should be less hassle

BUILD 164 18.05.15
-Fixed glitch where front left spindle rotated to the wrong way if steering rod was not assembled
-Cloud system and thunderstorm, use T to skip time and change weather (Debug feature)
-Shadows toggle includes now Hard, Soft and Off setting
-Environment additions and dirt track

BUILD 163 08.05.15
-Better usability for vehicle doors
-Car motor issues fixed now, should not "run away" anymore
-Radio graphics
-Tractor lifter moved to rear of the tractor
-Working instrument panel for Van together with parking brake
-Graphics changes and additions
-Partial and experimental force feedback integration
-Save file version number check
-Vehicle skidmarks and tire dirt clouds
-Improved drunk mode
-Drunk and engine temperatures are now reset after save/load
-F10 to toggle inverted mouse on/off

BUILD 162 23.04.15
-Many of the parts (does not include motor parts yet) can now drop off if bolts are too loose
-Fix in the car audio 3d spatial setting
-Radio for Van
-Material adjustments
-Physics optimizations
-Car side mirror
-Destructible front windshield

BUILD 161 13.04.15
-Rear light assembly together with complete set of working lights
-Turn signals
-Suspension improvements to achieve worse handling
-Material and shader improvements
-Outside TV-camera for testing
-Various fixes and adjustments

BUILD 160 11.03.15
-Project updated to new Unity 5 engine
-Fixed bug where assembled parts could got detached when player changed items in hand
-Physics optimizations
-Fixed issue where vehicle might shake and crash when player is moving inside

BUILD 159 02.03.15
-Some GUI changes
-Steering assistance for digital inputs (enable Steering and Shifting help from main menu)
-Drunk mode
-All bolts are now accessible only with correct size spanner
-Flashlight is now physics object
-M button to throw middle finger

BUILD 158 17.01.15
-Fixed game breaking bug of tightening steering rod bolts before assembling steering rods
-Fixed bug with possible float NaN issues
-Fixed issue where dashboard functions were accessible even when dashboard was not assembled
-Tuning parts ordering system
-Store and bar building, not yet finished

BUILD 157 30.12.14
-Dashboard assembly
-Gear linkage assembly
-Headlight and grille assembly
-Operable door windows (still having little issue)
-Starter bolts
-Windshield wipers
-Added system where parts that go through terrain should spawn back to grease pit
-Added N-key for swearing
-Better object pick-up system
-All bolts should save now when part is removed
-Some sounds
-Map fixes
-First version of drivable pick-up van

BUILD 156 06.12.14
-Car fueling
-Full brake line assembly
-Clutch line assembly and clutch fluid
-Fuel tank leak if not fastened to fuel line
-Oilpan bolts
-Flag pole
-First version of towing cable
-Throttle pedal and pedal textures
-Windows and other graphics to the house
-Adjusted power decrease regarding missing cylinders firing
-Interaction notifications
-Game over screen upon death

BUILD 155 28.11.14
-Added FPS-counter
-Fixed severe bug with choke
-Fur dices
-Foldable passenger seat
-Replaced some player-interactions with new, better system
-Added F2-key to change renderer to help performance (three levels, Best, Good, Shitty)
-Fixed bolts for fenders, wishbones, gearbox, steering rods, and other places
-Correct rotation scenarios for camshaft, crankshaft, water pump and alternator
-Fixed bug with subframe bolts disappearing in some circumstances
-Valve positions and carburetor adjustment are not randomized any more in case of removal-assembly
-Car motor should not start oddly anymore
-Sparkplugs and oilfilter saving/loading issues hopefully fixed now
-New version of vertex damage

BUILD 154 24.11.14
-Car collider adjustments
-New spray painting system, body panels can be now painted while assembled on a car
-Textures for motor and other car parts
-Adjustments and fixes to player controller
-Added movable car jack

BUILD 153 18.11.14
-Added minor oil leak
-Fixed tractor driver position and respawn issues
-Opening doors for tractor
-Blob shadows for vehicles
-More dynamic shadow casters
-Test version parts ordering system (there is no post office yet, so you never get the parts)

BUILD 152 15.11.14
-Possible new fix for re-encountering savegame corrupt bug
-Engine fire caused by heat and improper carburetor assemble

BUILD 151 11.11.14
-New player controller (quite buggy right now, needs a lot adjustments)
-Player has ability to "reach" by pressing 'Q'
-FPS improvement while not inside vehicle
-Added timing for going around the lake
-Added more textures
-Updates on environment
-Trees have collisions, this might affect FPS until feature is optimized
-F3 key to toggle bloom and antialising (temporary feature, until Unity Pro trial runs out :)
-Old save can now be erased from in-game menu by selecting 'New Game'

BUILD 150 01.11.14
-Textures for house and garage
-Placeholder furniture
-Garage shelfs
-Sport steering wheel
-Better access to halfshaft bolts
-New ambience sounds
-Lighting improvements

BUILD 149 26.10.14
-Reorganized all the parts in the garage
-Added garage pit
-Added carburetor simulation (not yet animated)
-Fixed conrod and fuel pump bolts
-Fixed light flares
-Restricted jack height to 40cm
-Tractor lifter can be operated only from inside
-Possible fix for cylinderhead bolts not being saved

BUILD 148 05.10.14
-Headlight graphics
-Added custom wheels, front and rear spoilers
-Fixed body panel save/load issues
-Doors, hood and bootlid stay shut when game loads

BUILD 147 28.09.14
-Optimized all colliders, should improve performance
-Fixed motor installation problems
-Added F2 key for turning motor animation on/off (it is visual setting and helps with fps)
-Added violent motor drop when running if not correctly bolted
-Anti-stall transmission for tractor
-Refined controls for tractor
-F5 and F6 to reset car and tractor into upright position

BUILD 146 24.09.14
-Motor can drop if not correctly bolted
-Added valve adjustments and animations
-Crank and alternator now turning
-First test version of tractor added
-Increased CD-player maximum volume

BUILD 145 05.09.14
-Headgasket damage causes oil leak
-Fixed bug where wheels could be turned even steering wheel was not installed
-Fixed issue where oilpan was not emptied when removed
-All mechanical simulations are now being calculated even when player is not inside the car
-Engine now stalls when critical parts are removed from the engine

BUILD 144 29.08.14
-Engine oil simulation
-Motor oil can be added
-Fixed issue of parts spawning randomly after game load
-Sky adjustments
-Roads are 10% wider
-Added odometer

BUILD 143 16.08.14
-Rust texture added to a car
-Coolant and brake fluid can be now added
-Fixed issue with car going "dead" in some circumstances
-Player can no longer stop the car while positioned outside of the car (there is a issue if motor is running)
-Fixed brake and radiator leaks
-Garage jack should not cause so much issues with car tires anymore
-Fixed high speed steering lag
-Improvements on visual damage

BUILD 142 02.08.14
-Engine cooling / water circulation simulation
-Loss of brakes simulated in case of faulty brake assembly or fluid leak
-Fixed issue where car could not be driven at full throttle
-Increased tire grip

BUILD 141 23.07.14
-Suspension problems are now simulated
-Body panel bolts now require correct wrench

BUILD 140 20.07.14
-Car body can be painted again, and added new red spray paint color
-Fuel tank assembly
-Crankshaft can be now rotated with mouse wheel
-Fixed opening and closing bug with car doors after door assembly
-Fixed game crash when putting car on reverse while drivetrain is not correctly assembled
-Fixed bug where engine bolts activate even when engine is not placed correctly
-Rear tires don't get stuck anymore if rear coilspring is unassembled
-Fixed issue where Drive Gear detaches itself after game load and becomes static
-Fixed bug where second steering wheel appears in some circumstances
-Clutch assembly fixed

BUILD 139 12.07.14
-Set sun rotation interval to 10 secs to avoid shadow wobbling
-Fixed bug where pistons turn pink when dropped
-Fixed bug where after game load rear tires can't be removed if suspension is not correctly assembled
-Quick fix for 'Drive Gear' not resetting it's tag after game load

BUILD 138 06.07.14
-More treewalls
-Cooling, brake lining, master cylinder assemblies

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Are they building in a traits system? (like slim people being faster but not as able to hold down their liquor) :P

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Are they building in a traits system? (like slim people being faster but not as able to hold down their liquor) :P

Nope. No traits, only your own skills. So you won't be better repairer, drinker or driver with simple traits.

Currently you can't see your character and I'm not 100% sure if you ever will. So you can't see how slim or fat your character is.

You can drink like it's your last day. 4.0 per-mille is the limit and the camera effect is very extreme when you're that drunk.


Here's one stream from today (not mine):


42:40 some hardcore drinking and driving where you can see the effect. It doesn't end well.



01:08 how Sauna is turned on.

32:55 the Sauna is warm. Time to drink and get warm. Passes out in sauna because of too much drinking and wakes up in a terrible hangover. Good 10min Sauna action :P

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Amazing game. Brings me back just looking at him playing :)

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The game is now Greenlit! Now just wait for the release.

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I like the concept, a game that doesn't pamper... Interested to see where this goes.

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A very good interview about developing the game, where it all started and why he is making it.


“I have a car simulator project that might spark some interestâ€: My Summer Car


Then some tweets:


Car inspector:



Police in the rear view mirror



Someone drunk?



Day fine. If you've a lot of income you'll get bigger fine for your speeding



There are also shit jobs to do...



Also public changelog is back online. It hasn't been updated for almost 6 months. Latest:


BUILD 180 08.08.2016
-Player can't go to sleep unless he is tired enough
-Mirrored rear view and left side mirror images
-Getting inside vehicles should be easier now
-Fixed Van glowplug issue where game did not remember heated plugs
-Fisting does not cause fatigue any more
-Drinks cannot be consumed simultaneously any more
-Fixed rotational issues when waking up from sleep
-Sauna states are now saved
-Thunder can now cut down house electricity
-Completely random traffic death should be now eliminated
-Added more roads and buildings to Peräjärvi village
-Added car inspection procedure
-Possibility to win trophies and price money from rally
-Improved AI driving skills
-Weather now changes after sleep
-Car lights are now affected by battery voltage
-Added police
-Changes in physics of dying driver
-Fixed some calculation errors in engine tuning combinations
-Changes in visual vertex damage
-Added tachometer and fuel gauge to tractor
-Made boat slower
-Switched to more detailed fuel mixture simulation
-Added functional graveyard
-Fixed bug where removing front shock tower did not break steering
-Performance optimizations
-Added oil drain plug
-Added hood lock
-Made car door locks fail at high speed situations

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Can not wait for a release on steam. That got me interested.

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I must say I've checked all his videos, very interesting and hardcore approach to the sim ;)

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LOL, that professional MS Frontpage 1990s home page :) http://www.amistech.com/msc/

"WE'VE On Steam!!!!!!" LOLOLO.

Beer, burping, drunk, peeing... Mosquitos... is that a decent Finland simulator?

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On 6.12.2016 at 4:54 PM, tortuosit said:

Beer, burping, drunk, peeing... Mosquitos... is that a decent Finland simulator?

Yes it is, for the 90's.


Nowadays, apart from mosquitoes, the game would be about your face being 70% covered by a Samsung phone and one finger, dodging anything related to work, cooking only noodles for food (because you can barely be bothered with heating water), vaping and bumming your parents/welfare for money.. And of course dressing in clothes reminiscent of the 60's and 80's.

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Former ETS2 MP lead developer is now working on a new multiplayer My Summer Car mod. You can follow the progress of that in the website http://www.mysummercar.mp/ or discord https://discord.gg/HQd4ZuN


There's also discord server dedicated for My Summer Car gamers: https://www.discord.me/mysummercar

Funny thing is that the Discord server is now sponsored by Ylands :f:


There have been huge amount of details added in the game in the year. Here are some examples of new stuff:

- Stress meter

- Cigarettes

- Finnish version of blackjack "ventti"

- Fishing

- Electric bill

- Your house can burn

- Jail

- Brewing sugar wine

- All kinds of car part wear

- Moped

- Train that can wreck you!



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