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Arma Scirpting - How to get started?

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My name is Triage and I'm a long time arma player and I'm looking to get into the scripting and editing side into Arma. I was wondering on how I could start learning and read code for Arma and what language is is written from. As well as if somebody could link me some tutorials on how to get started I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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You don't indicate what area of "scripting" you want to explore - mission building? Making mods or addons?

MadBilly's links are all great resources but perhaps not that useful for a complete beginner - you need a basic knowledge to use those resources well.

For mission building, there are some very useful guides; have a look at Mr Murray's guide


That link is for the English version, also available from Armaholic in German. Written for Arma 1, very useful for A2/CO and most of it is still relevant to A3. Although there are new commands that will not be covered, it gives a coherent overview of the editing process.

MacScottie has posted a set of video tutorials on basic mission building


Sproyd has posted a PDF guide to basic A3 mission building:


Mikie boy has published an excellent introduction to A3 scripting:


Taurus has published a great introduction to basic SQF scripting. While written for A2/CO and hence will not cover developments specific to A3, it does an excellent job of explaining how to understand SQF syntax and structures:


There will likely be issues with some or all of the A3 guides as BIS keeps changing things/adding new commands (not a complaint, just an observation), so some example scripts/missions may be broken and will need debugging. Terox has posted a fine tutorial on debugging (you will definitely need something like this :) )


The BI Wiki, Armaholic, and OFPEC have various tutorials on building missions, terrains, vehicles, weapons, etc.

I suggest that you choose what area most interests you and read the relevant tutorials. The editing sections of the A3 and A2 forums also have a wealth of information, however use an external search engine like DuckDuckGo, grobe.it or IXquick rather than the more limited internal forum search.

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