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ACE3 - A collaborative merger between AGM, CSE, and ACE

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Today we are excited to announce ACE3, a proud merger between the ACE2, AGM and CSE teams. Through a collaborative effort over the last few months we have merged these groups into one solid development team devoted to creating the most comprehensive and realistic gameplay experience for Arma 3. Taking the strong points from each of the previous modifications our goal is to deliver a modular, open system designed to support unified development in the Arma community. We are devoted to NOT reinventing the wheel, finding the best solutions, and bringing them to one place, while also fostering a development environment that promotes stability and performance.

This mod is entirely open-source (we are hosted on GitHub and we will be providing the link soon), and everyone is free to propose changes or maintain their own, customized version as long as they make their changes open to the public in accordance with the GNU General Public License.

ACE3 is built modularly, thus a team can maintain its own tailored version, excluding a select number of components that they don't like, or which conflict with other addons. Larger components themselves, like the medical system and other core features also include various customization options, allowing mission designers and communities to tweak the overall experience.

Going Forward - ACE3 is currently under heavy development, and is close to reaching its initial release goals. We are currently planning on releasing these offerings to the public after the Marksman DLC becomes final, meaning a rough estimate can be made for our release sometime this month. We have already begun developing against the new expansion, and expect to be able to keep this timeline. Source code and Git access for preview and collaboration will be available prior to the public release.

Further information, teasers, trailers, details and bananas will be released in the days and weeks to come! Never fear - ACE3 will be in your hands soon.


The ACE Team


If you want to get a jump start on ACE3 and check out the code, please go to our GitHub repository!

Core Features

  • Completely new 3D Interaction/Action System
  • Performance and reliability framework
  • Focus on modularity and customization
  • New flexible client and server settings & configuration
  • Improved medical system with various levels (Basic/Advanced) focus on gameplay/realism
  • Proper & consistent network synced weather
  • Wind and Weather Advanced Ballistics
  • Captivity System
  • Explosives System including different trigger types
  • Map screen improvements, marker placement and map tools
  • Advanced missile guidance and laser designation

Additional Features

  • Carrying and dragging
  • Realistic names for vehicles and weapons
  • Realistic ballistics/FCS calculated in C/C++ extensions
  • Backblast and overpressure simulation
  • A fire control system for armored vehicles and helicopters
  • Disposable launchers
  • Realistic G-forces
  • Vehicle Locking
  • Realistic Night and Thermal vision modes
  • Magazine repacking
  • Realistic weapon heating
  • Combat deafness simulation
  • Improved Ragdoll Physics
  • Improved interactions for AARs and ammo bearers
  • Adjustable sniper scopes
  • No Idle Animation with lowered weapon
  • No talking player Avatar
  • Jumping over obstacles, climbing over walls and cutting down fences
  • Vector, MicroDAGR and Kestrel devices

... and much more

Working With Us

ACE3 is entirely open source, and you can find our project on GitHub. If you are interested in working with us get involved, if you are regularly suggesting and committing features and bug fixes to us that we accept then you'll probably get asked to join the team officially. If you aren't doing work directly on ACE3, keep at it. We are always scouting the best talent in this community and looking to mature good projects by bringing individuals and teams officially on board with us!

Test Groups

We already have a number of test groups lined up and currently we are not looking for suggestions on new groups. In the future if we need more active testing we'll be sure to announce it, and do not forget that, again, because ACE3 is open source, you'll be able to pull the latest commits and build the mod yourself, for you or your group!


Follow us at


facebook.png youtube.png twitter.png

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You cunning bastard, NouberNou.

Much love.

(Though you did say that menu of yours that you uploaded on your YT account would likely never see the light of day...)

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Even though I have been expecting this for a good few months, its great news.

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Congrats all - Looking forward in getting this used within the 16AA group/community

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Hell yeah, yesterday made me very sad.

This makes me the exact opposite, thanks for helping make the game even better.

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Wuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :d

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So much for the April Fools thoughts. What a way to end April 1st :)

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